How to Set Up Direct Deposit Payments

After you get approved for a Utah cash advance, the lender is probably going to ask you how you want the money to be transferred over to you. Typically, you can choose to get cash, to get a check in the mail, or to have the money directly deposited right into your bank account. The cash option only works if you are able to go to the lender”s offices on your own, so that is probably out if you are applying online. A check can be useful, but it does mean that you have to wait longer to get your money and you have to make a run to the bank to deposit it. For these reasons, a direct deposit is probably the best choice.

To set up the direct deposit, you are going to need a few different things. First off, you have to provide the name of the bank itself. Next, you might have to provide the exact branch location where you opened up your account. You don”t have to do this in all cases, but it is worth asking about if you are unsure. After that, you need to get a pair of numbers. The first is your checking account number, and the second is your routing number. If you have multiple accounts, the routing number is going to be the same in most cases, but you do need to make sure that you have the right account number.

The easiest way to get this information is just to call the bank and ask for it. However, some banks will only give this information out in person, not allowing you to prove your identity over the phone. You can just go talk to a teller at the main desk and they can tell you. If you don”t want to do that, you can also look at one of the checks that you have. There are going to be numbers along the outside border of the check. One is your account number and the other is your routing number.

The final step is just to give all of that information to the lender. When they send you the money, you will see it show up in your online banking profile as a pending transaction for a few hours – up to 24 hours, in most cases – before it clears and you can use it, either by making online payments or withdrawing from an ATM.

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