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Education institutions and content developers have embraced mobile technology to facilitate learning. Mobile apps are enabling students to access high quality class content and adults to learn new skills on the go. You also get applications that link you to professional assistants who do homework for you so that you can focus on revision or working on other projects at hand.

There are millions of apps that serve as a source of information. The choice of the application will depend on availability of the information you require, the format in which this information is available, user experience, and personal preference. Here is a look at top 5 apps for students to use when learning in college and beyond.


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The app is reliable since it brings together some of the best universities around the world. They have uploaded organized content to help you study such areas as programming, leadership, business, engineering, photography, and music, among other elements of learning. It helps you to get deeper content about the topics or subjects you are currently studying. The apps is available free of charge. You have to pay for some of the advanced content. This app is available on iOS and Android.


The app specializes in business and technology. The basic courses are free but you have to pay a subscription fee for the advanced content. An example of the content that you have to pay for is the nano-degree program. The app has incorporated a Virtual Reality segment so that you the student can have a feel of what it means to advance learning in this sector. You can download the app on either Android or iOS.


The Udemy android app stands-out because of its focus on learning away from the classroom environment. The type of content found on Udemy fits everyone who needs to learn a thing or two at any point in life. It is, therefore, a self education platform where you can find the latest information on any subject or topic. It remains one of the best thought-out android learning apps in the market today.

Udemy contains structured materials to learn such subjects as IT, photography, business, design, marketing, and many other areas. You have the option of free or paid courses based on the depth of information you require. It is free for download both on iOS and Android devices.


It is suicidal to ignore your grades in college. The regular assignments contribute to the overall grade. It is, therefore, important to constantly improve these grades. Gradeproof will help you to continually improve the grades through better writing skills. The app checks your grammar, writing skills, phrasing, word choices, and such other elements of writing. It can be used to enhance business writing.

The Great Courses

Each industry has experts who share their knowledge on different topics with readers and consumers of information. The Great Courses features lecturers of different expert on pertinent issues in the industry. It is your best source of the latest information in the industry and from credible experts.

Choose an app whose content will help you to improve on academic performance. The credibility of information provided should also be considered when choosing an app. The content must be relevant to your grade so that it helps you in class work.

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