How to Choose Solar Software for Installation Companies


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It is becoming more and more popular for companies to go green and convert to solar power. One of the main concerns people think about when considering solar is – finding the right software to install the system.

When choosing the right solar software for your company, you”ll want to ensure you have the right solution. With that being said, choosing the right software for installation companies isn”t a walk in the park. You can check out Solargraf blog to know more about solar software.

With so many options out there, it can become hard to decide which one is actually worth the investment. However, this article will look at how you can choose the best software for your installation company. It will also provide you with the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

Types of Software for Installers

The green energy industry is constantly evolving. And as we advance, several installations companies source new ways to automate their workflow using software-based solutions. This way, they can improve accuracy, reduce cost, and scale their businesses.

There are several types of software for installers. Below are a few of them.

Customer Acquisition Software

Sales processes can be tasking and time-consuming. And depending on the size of your firm, you might be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement traditional marketing strategies. However, you can easily identify the right customers using acquisition software.

CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) is vital for organization and tracking customer feedback. And with this, installers can track client proposals, task completion, and more.

Proposal Design Software

Your proposals have a huge impact on closing contracts. In short, proposals are a huge part of marketing workflows. So, it is vital to have a system that creates proper and unique proposals that meet industry standards and is specific to your brand. And with proposal design platforms, installers can create accurate proposal systems for their sales team.

Financial Risk Control

For companies to enjoy growth, they must be conscious of their finances. And having a good financial management strategy is one way to start. So, using a solution that offers the latest data on tariffs, electricity rates, and rebates can help you calculate your profit margin and perform other tasks.

Operations Management

Operations management is a vital aspect of business, especially in solar installation. This is because installers will need to manage and monitor solar sites. And doing this on-site might be tasking and inefficient. However, operations management solutions can improve accuracy and efficiency using automated data.

How to Choose the Best Software Solution for Your Installation Business

While green energy businesses strive to improve their workflow and customer retention, there is a need to adapt to the growing trend – of automated solutions. However, due to the lucrativeness of this niche, there are several options available – leaving business owners the task of choosing.

Nevertheless, understanding the features of the solution and relating it to how they can solve your business needs can help you choose. So, you can test the various software options using their free trial feature before making any financial commitments.

Furthermore, several automated solutions offer services in various business spheres but might be lacking in others. For instance, some platforms may have operational management tools but not CRM. Also, some solutions might integrate well with others, while you might face challenges integrating others.

However, understanding your business needs can set a background for your decision process. So, below are a few features to look out for in solar software before purchase.


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Project Creation

Solar installation projects entail several tasks. From area surveys to mapping 3D sketches, installers might literally break down from the stress of handling these tasks. However, using a system that can automate feasibility analysis, production estimations and create three-dimensional models can help boost production and reduce field time.


Another aspect of the solar industry is consultation. Solar consultants offer plans, ideas, and costs for homes and businesses seeking solar solutions. So, you can choose software that provides reports, three-dimensional CAD images, financing options, energy production, and payback estimates.


From production to finish, installers will require a system for monitoring and keeping track of data to provide periodic reports. This is necessary for the task growth process. In addition, some solutions can help you prepare financial reports, shade analyses, system performance reports, etc. And they could be in the form of spreadsheets, diagrams, or graphs.

Pricing Options

Finally, you need to consider your budget. Although some services offer free limited usage for first-timers, you might have to pay a fee to enjoy the complete package. So, ensure you find a solution that fits your budget.


The solar industry is fast growing and a lucrative niche for investors. However, as more people delve into this field, there is a need to ensure your business always stands out. And one way to do that is by automating your processes.

There are several automated solutions. However, choosing one can be easier by identifying your business needs and focusing on how you can utilize these solutions.

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