Online Business Ideas: profitable business to start this year

Do you have any plans to start any profitable online business in this year? The internet and its technology have grown a lot thus permitting every amateur individual to become a successful entrepreneur.

Most of us are working for some company (or) doing some kind of small business to earn money to manage our expenses and for basic survival needs.

You may have been thinking about generating income from any possible ways online and have been searching over years, attending seminars, buying online courses and other stuff.

But did you finally achieved success in your search or finally did you able to resign your current job?

Hope so, most people often found it difficult and postpone their plan telling we will start a business next year.

Stop saying and begin your action in this year 2018 – as this is the best year in your life to cast changes in your finances.

Why people prefer Online Business?

There are many people who achieved success by doing traditional business, but one thing is that your market is limited to your city or your country.

But when you start an online business using these ideas crafted below, you will achieve success, because of the following reasons.

Online Business is profitable because your target market covers the entire world and your customers may come from any part of the world.

You can find more time to spend with your family without disturbing your business when you prefer to work from home.

You need technical skills to start a traditional business, but it”s very easier to build a business online.

Profitable Online Business Ideas:

Let”s dive into the actual part of the article. Please note that this article focus on giving you ideas to start a lucrative business online today.

1.) Blogging:

I always insist people start a blog, who approaches me with the intention of starting an online business. Basically, I am a Blogger, and my first blog Online Home Income was the turning point in my life.


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Blogging is certainly the most successful and profitable businesses on the Internet. Starting a blog does not require any special skills, talents and/or knowledge.

As long as you are willing to put your efforts in this business, the success is on its way. Anyone can start a blog but achievers are few who follow their passion for blogging.

Do not start just for money, instead support your community by adding some valuable information and message by writing quality articles, and learn SEO, implement the tactics to drive traffic.

Don”t hesitate to invest small money to purchase a domain and a reliable hosting. Most newbie bloggers do this mistake by choosing free blogging platforms such as Blogger or WordPress.

There are many limitations and restrictions are there and to the most, you can”t rank your free blog on the first page of SERP results.

There are five ways you can make money from your blogging and following are those:

  • Contextual Display Advertisement such as Google Adsense.
  • Display Advertisement such as Adhitz, Native Ads.
  • Affiliate Marketing Business.
  • Selling own Products or Services.
  • Selling AD Spaces if you really have thousands of daily pageviews.

All the above five methods can make you a good income from this blogging business. You can”t become rich over-night, as the success of blogging takes time.

It”s not about just writing and publishing articles, you should perform various activities like Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, Implementing On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, and Content Marketing.

2.) Affiliate Marketing:

Starting an affiliate marketing is very simple and it slightly different from native marketing. It is a performance-based business model where an individual will earn commission by promoting other merchant”s products (or) services.

The individual is therefore called as an affiliate and through this online business, you can promote any products from any niche or industry.

There are many kinds of online jobs that are available from home, but doing Affiliate Marketing business is the most profitable ones where you can good income in less time.

It is very simple to begin this process which starts with finding the right affiliate program with the good history and has the trend in the market.

Then signup their application form to enroll yourself as a registered affiliate. Now, you will be allowed to log in to their dashboard where you can search for any products and start promoting by copying your unique referral links.

Promote the link in your social network, send an email to your friends, use WhatsApp to spread the news or the start an own affiliate marketing blog.

Recommended sites to register Amazon, Flipkart, Godaddy, and ShareASale. These sites are the most reputable online business giants in the Affiliate Marketing Industry.


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3.) Web Designing:

This is most suitable part time jobs available for college students, educated housewives and stay at home moms who wish to spend their free time to generate some sort of revenue.

In 2018, almost all the business and individual people switch to blogging because of its immense growth in the last few decades.

Moreover, with the development of Content Management System such as WordPress, even newbie”s found it was very much easier to create a blog.

Anyone can create a blog, but for a better conversion and leads, to get more sales, to drive more visitors, a blog should be looking more beautiful and adorable, easy to navigate etc.

If you have creativity and time, then you can start a web-designing online business from this year. Many bug businesses are hiring web designing experts for this current and new businesses.

It”s easy to get orders through Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Create a professional profile and showcase your recent projects to get new customers.

4.) Write and Sell your Ebooks:

I am an avid follower of Ryan Biddulph, who was a famous Ebook writer recognized by Forbes, FoxNews, Entrepreneur blog and top seller on Amazon. He was a blogger and world traveler too.


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Why am I saying is, if you have the habit of writing diaries, then ultimately you can transform your habit into the money generating work.

Many people are successful in writing and publishing Ebook from their field of expertise, so think about the niche or subject you know better and has a sound knowledge.

Then start writing a book and convert to PDF format. There are many online platforms available to sell your book such as Amazon Kindle.

5.) Start Vlog (or) YouTube Channel:

Blogging is evolving and HTML contents were not the only source of marketing. We are in the digital marketing era and it”s time to take our online business to the next level.

Many companies have proven that video ads convert more often and it has become the most effective way of generating revenue through their business.

You can create your own video blog and cast any video of your interest may be educational, tutorial, DIY, academic subject etc and all the kind that provide value to your audience.

Even I advise you start a YouTube Channel to tell you”re great stories and once your channel gets 1000 subscribers and 10000 views on your video, you are all set to generate revenue.

You can generate money by monetizing your video content with Google Adsense program. There are many successful You Tubers who are making thousands of dollars every month.

A last few thoughts…

We are in the era of the digitalized world and there are oceans of opportunities available for every people with the different skill set to find a genuine profitable online business.

Creating a financial freedom as a part of your lifestyle is only possible if you are ready to come out of your comfort zone at least for few days at your beginning.

One can start an online business with a minimum investment or without investment, however, to be a successful entrepreneur follow the top FIVE Ideas of profitable business crafted in this article.

Thanks for your time to read this post and now you may be got an idea to change your future.

Don”t forget to mention your idea here in the comments section.

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