Capturing Video: Camcorder Accessories You Can’t Be Without

You”ve just bought a new mini camcorder and you can”t wait to start recording great memories and creating innovative video features. Not so fast. Buying a great camcorder is only the first step in creating top notch videos. You also want to have the right accessories on hand so that you are always prepared to capture the scene.

For instance, cleaning sprays and soft cloths keep your lenses clean so that they can record crisp, sharp images that will look great even when they are downloaded with services such as YTD. Carrying a spare charger in your car”s glove compartment along with an extra fully charged battery will ensure that your camera won”t go black just when the action starts to heat up. If clear sound is important, an external microphone is essential. Likewise, if you frequently shoot outdoors or in dim light, an external video light can ensure that your videos are well-lit.

The Right Case

Modern camcorders are very light and compact – but also vulnerable to damage from being dropped as well as from moisture, dirt, skin oils and extreme temperature changes. A good camera case shields your camera from many external hazards when it is not in use. Be sure that the case that you choose is large enough to pack spare lenses, connectors and other accessories such as spare batteries, a charger and memory cards. The case should also have sufficient padding to protect your camcorder in case it is dropped.

A Good Quality Tripod

Many good camcorders include image stabilization capabilities that allow you to shoot video from a moving car or in other situations where you or the camera must be moving. However, to obtain the smoothest video under ordinary circumstances, a tripod is a must. The best professional tripods are lightweight with adjustable legs and removable heads. Consumer tripods are usually made of a single piece with an attached head.

Whether you choose a consumer or a professional tripod, look for a model with counterbalance systems. A counterbalance system will keep the camera steady even when you tilt it up or down. A lightweight tripod or collapsible monopod is ideal for hikers or other active video enthusiasts to take along on their journeys.

A Generous Supply of Memory Cards

Back in the day, photographers and videographers had to devote generous space in their backpacks or suitcases for film. With modern mini camcorders, those days are a thing of the past. Most memory cards are the size of your thumbnail or even smaller, so there is no excuse not to pack plenty. Especially if you are taking the trip of a lifetime, you”ll kick yourself if you aren”t able to capture a breathtaking sunset with your camcorder because you failed to pack enough memory cards.

Computer and Editing Software

Whether you take your laptop with you or when you upload your videos after you return home, editing software is an essential element of creating great videos with a professional look. The software you choose will vary according to whether you have a PC (Movie Maker), Mac (iMovie) or a computer running Linux operating software (OpenShot). You can also use your computer to upload clips to the Internet and to create archives for safekeeping. A computer is also necessary if you want to create DVDs from your videos.

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