5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins in 2018

Search engines are perfect sources for organic traffic and clients. Accordingly, you must stay on top of your game by being aware of the plugins that enhance SEO for your WordPress site. This article delves into the details.

What to Look For In WordPress SEO Plugins

Before you start to consider different SEO plugins options available, it is vital to find if they:

  • Can meet your needs in SEO. Are you simply looking for an ideal way of boosting your rank on Google? Do you need to accomplish tasks automatically?
  • Have a clean and efficient code.
  • Have a range of SEO features to choose from.
  • Offer a good customer support.
  • Have sufficient documentation.
  • Offer regular updates.
  • Have remarkable reviews.

The following plugins options have thrilled a majority of consumers in 2018.

1. Yoast SEO

This option is very popular because it offers the users the flexibility they need in SEO. You can come up with the content that suits your audience. A snippet review is offered, hence you will see in advance how the page will look in search results. You can make changes henceforth. Even more, minute elements such as the length of a post or Meta description are checked.

This also allows you to create XML sitemap automatically. With Facebook OpenGraph feature, social integration is made easy. It is also multi-site compatible and allows you to develop an easy-to-navigate site for the users. A beginner does not struggle to use it. Given the benefits and range of features offered, over 4.5 million people have downloaded the plugin already.


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2. All in One SEO Pack

The comprehensive WordPress plugin is ideal for individual post and page optimization. It has over 3 million downloads. It gives you the liberty to create XML Sitemap and submit it to the search engines to enhance your rankings. A person seeking for mobile search optimization will find it perfect. This is because it blends in with Google accelerated mobile pages. It is also supportive of search engine analytics and hence, it allows you to track your traffic.

You can optimize custom post types and develop redirects from WordPress attachments to original posts. If you find changes in your site, you are allowed to notify search engines. Maximum support and help is offered in such moments. More so, integration for e-commerce sites is allowed. With the security features offered, you do not have to worry about site hacking. New beginners will have an amazing experience using it because they do not have to configure the settings.

3. SEO Ultimate

This plugin features a code inserter to ensure that you can code in the header and footer effortlessly. The Deeplink Juggernaut element offers you an opportunity to set keywords automatically. You can also show the author of your content, thanks to the author highlighter function. Monitoring the 404 errors is also enabled. An open graph for social media optimizing is automatically generated. With the rich snippets function, you will be on your way to getting more traffic to your site.

4. The SEO Framework

The free plugin is appropriate for both novice and professional web designers. Since it is unbranded, no one will know the tools you are using to design the page. The annoying adverts are not incorporated. Instead, hidden HTML comments are provided. You are free to deactivate using an extension. The page load time is reduced, thanks to the flexible and temporary caching provided.

Additionally, it supports custom posts. You can also create, resize and enhance open graph images. Duplicated content is made harder because of the canonical URL featured. Your users will easily share the pages through the social media sites. After enabling the sitemaps, you can let the search engines know of the updates made on a site.

5. SEO Pressor

The plugin is developed to match the latest search engines algorithm’s trends. You can monitor your SEO score of your preferred keywords. It enables you to go for keywords that your competitor’s ignore. It has a dynamic crawler control; you can easily determine how the search engines crawlers navigate your page. You will be in control over the searches and at the same time make decisions on boosting your ranking.

Also, it comes with an over optimization check. You will avoid being penalized by search engines. With the calculation of your site semantic quality, you will be privileged to know how to strengthen contextual signals in time. Adding links and keywords is done automatically. A beginner will understand the basics of SEO. Just in case you are unsatisfied with the services, you are offered a 60-day money back guarantee.

Ultimately, with the range of features offered in the WordPress SEO Plugins described here, it is important to be completely sure of what works for you. Extensive research and consulting the experts in the field will help you through this process. For more information, go to check cheap rank tracking tool at serpbook.com

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