How to Inspire Innovation in Your Company

Innovation should be the beating heart of every company. Without it, companies will struggle to develop unique goods and services or to remain competitive in their industry.

Every business owner, therefore, has a responsibility to both their business and customers to stimulate innovation, not suppress it. Read our top tips on how to inspire innovation in your company.


Every day should provide another chance for both the business owner and employees to both learn and grow. From reading helpful guides to attending conferences and workshops, it is important to absorb as much knowledge as possible to embrace new opportunities, tools and methods, which can help your business reach its goals and overcome any challenges.


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It is important to open the doors for potential collaborations, which can help take a brand to the next level. Not only should you encourage internal collaboration between employees and departments, but you should also consider external collaborations, too.

Take Auster as the perfect example. The vape subscription provider is embracing collaboration at every opportunity, as they recently hosted a NYC event with Point Point, Isaiah Rashad, Leikeli47, MEMBA and Harley Veira-Newton performing while offering a pop-up exhibit by Sam Chirnside, a renowned artist. The event was t the personification of the brand’s aim to provide the vaping community with a celebration of flavour, fashion, art and music.

Encourage Creativity

The time has come to pull down the high-walled cubicles, say goodbye to punching-in clocks and cutting back on some of the rules – as all these things could be preventing creativity within the workplace. You might be surprised by how happy your customers will be if they can wear their normal clothing, over a restrictive formal dress code.

So, aim to offer a more relaxed workplace. Consider open-seating areas that allow groups to meet and collaborate, offer a chill out area for people to unwind on their lunch break and add a splash of colour to the walls that will create a more relaxed environment. The happier your employees feel, the more creative and productive they will become at work, which can provide real value to your business.


Once the cubicles have come down, and the office is a little more colourful, you should bring the team together to collaborate. Try to hold a weekly or monthly brainstorming session that allows your staff to share their ideas, express their opinions and encourage innovation. Brainstorming will also provide an opportunity for your employees to speak up, so they will feel happier in their roles if they believe their ideas and feedback matter – and that they can have a direct impact on the company’s success.

Stay Relevant

Every business must stay current if they are not only to survive in their industry but to become an innovative leader in their industry. So, if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, you should read relevant publications and books, identify new and emerging trends and adapt to industry changes as soon as they occur.

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