5 Future Technologies That Are Currently Being Developed

The future is now! But, the future is also – in the future. And there”s some neat stuff that just about ready to pop from the mind bubbles of scientists and tinkerers everywhere, so hold onto your hats!

Five of these future technologies in particular that are worth meditating on over a cup of your favorite green tea include drone technology, wave power technology, solar roadways, medical nanobots, and genetic manipulation. Maybe you”ve seen references to them on the news, and maybe you haven”t, but before long all of these will be realities that will affect some of the major aspects of lives around the world.

Drone Technology

Drones are everywhere already. And drone technology is improving, almost on a month to month basis. They”re getting bigger, smaller, stronger, lighter, and able to do more things. They can be quick and quiet, or huge and have functional applications that involve power. But one thing is for sure. For both professional and casual use, the drones are in. We”ve already seen some of the military applications change the way warfare is accomplished. Soon we”ll see how civilian life is going to be affected by these flying robots.


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Wave Power Technology

A new technology that has theoretically been proven useful, but still isn”t quite on the mass consciousness level is the development of wave power. With the right construction of a few kinds of floating and bobbing structures, the energy of the ocean can be converted into electrical power, potentially more efficiently that solar power or even wind power. These units are still being tested, but some countries have plans to have them operating even within the next five years or so.

Solar Roadways

It got a lot of attention a few short years ago, and seems to have stalled a bit in it”s development, but the creators of solar roadway panels things they”ve solved several major issues all at the same time. Powering houses, lighting up during emergencies, and heating up to prevent snow trouble are all part of the major concept for that fascinating technology.

Medical Nanobots

Various medical industries have taken major steps forward in the last decade, but one absolutely fascinating technology that”s on its way is the concept of having medical nanobots that can deliver specific amounts of medication to certain parts of the body on command. Still in the testing phase, this could be a lifesaver in a tremendous number of situations.

Genetic Manipulation

Genetic manipulation, in terms of technology, sometimes gets a bad rap for being unnatural. However, the benefits to being able to work with things on a genetic level are an amazing human achievement, and as long as they”re used for the good of mankind, will help us through the dark ages of medicine.

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