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A new vaporizer from the brand V2 recently entered the market called the Pro Series 3. This new product received some very high praises from the outset. It was not clear whether this hype was due to the new 3 in 1 capability or any other new design feature. Therefore, this discussion will attempt to clarify whether the claims made about this product have any validity, or whether they are, shall we say “smoke and mirrors.”

A review company by the name of Paint the Moon says, “The V2 Pro Series 3 is going to revolutionize the vaporizer industry.” They continued to say further, “This is the first vape pen that is actually able to vaporize herbs, instead of burning them or doing nothing at all.” If one is a serious user of the product then he or she needs to get the right facts about it.

Beginning with the most discussed feature of the V2 Pro Series 3 and arguably, the most innovative is its ability to adapt three differing cartridges, all vaping different substances. In other words, it allows the smoking of e-liquids (which is the typical use for vaporizers), dry herbs and herbal concentrates such as essential oils or even wax. For those with varying needs, understandably this is a major triumph. This changeover in cartridges does not require any setting changes, as the battery itself senses the substance to be vaped, and adjusts the heating/burning method accordingly. The innovations do not stop there though. The cartridges are swapped with the press of a button and are connected with strong magnets. This allows much time saving as well as they require much less effort to connect than the typical screw-on connections. The cartridges themselves are sized 1.6ml.

Without any surprise, the charger also has some nifty attributes. It connects onto the unit with another strong magnet, so once again no screwing or plugging in. The cable has a USB adaptor that allows car charging or via PC, as well the usual wall socket. Along with this it is possible to charge and vape simultaneously.

The price of the Pro Series 3 will not break the bank either. It retails for around $69.99. With all these distinguishing aspects, it would be understandable to assume that there must be a flaw in the product and thus some persons are asking if the battery be weak. To this, the answer is unequivocally no. The battery has 650 Meg and can last up to two days with extensive use. Also included is a lockable setting, which means it cannot be switched on when unwanted if carried around in a pocket or bag. Furthermore, the unit has different lighting effects, which indicate its status.

The magnetic connections are easy to change and refill as well. The device is designed to click together by magnetic means thus making it much easier to assemble. All the user needs to do is to hold each piece closely together and in no time, everything clicks into its right place.

Finally, the design, once again, this is another winning facet of this product. It looks clean and stylish, with an effortless class that exudes an almost calm demeanor. All this is achieved in the three-color options of blue, black, and steel.

Realistically, all the praise reviews are understandable. The V2 Pro Series 3 is a highly versatile vaporizer but it begs the question, has the manufacturer aimed too high and lost quality in search of versatility? The answer is no. By all accounts, the unit vapes very well, with adequately delivered flavor. The design is outstanding with its stylish finish in all three colors. The functionality of being able to vape E-liquids, dry herbs, and herbal concentrates is a real innovation, among many. V2 have delivered a quality product, which has lived up to expectation, and is to be seriously considered.

While the market might be filled with other vape devices, still the V2 Pro Series 3 stands out by itself. Today, with so many persons turning to vaporizing it should not come as a surprise to anyone when many more vape stores open.

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