How to Write a Blog Post about Yourself

With the increased availability of internet, blogs are getting immensely popular. Blogging is a hobby for many, while many others take it up as a serious profession. If you doing it right, blogging is a great fun, while it is also profitable. However, due to the increased number of bloggers, you may stumble upon improper blog posts often.

More and more people are getting engaged within the blogging world. While some want to simply express themselves, others wish to earn some extra penny. However, unfortunately, a majority of bloggers will find themselves failing at accomplishing their dream of making full-time revenue.

Common Mistake

The mistake most people do is post content without any proper research, or post content that is grammatically incorrect. As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. A good introduction is highly required, if you want to bound the audience. A bad first post will greatly affect your blogs future, as it may just lose your desired audience at the first step. It is also important to consider the length of your content and to help you with this, it is beneficial to use a character count to give your readers a short but strong content. This tool can help you calculate the number of words, paragraphs, and characters. So, what should you do? Create a good introduction about yourself!

While this may sound easy, most people make mistakes while addressing themselves in the introduction. People may also find it more difficult to write about them, than write about some other general topic. To write a good introduction about yourself, you must follow a few simple tips:

Addressing the Reader Directly

Make the reader feel at home, and write in a way that he or she feels that their queries, concerns, and questions will all be answered here. You must write in a friendly manner, so that they will like visiting your blog more often. One of the most common way to do this is to address your reader directly. You can also ask them questions to do this.

Things in Common

State something which is common between you and your readers. You must acknowledge the interest of your readers, and target upon that. When you state something, which is common between the two parties, it will create a interest in the reader’s mind as to what is next, and it will create a stronger connection between you and reader. They will not leave the post once this connection is formed.


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Friendly Approach

Address the reader like your friend. A friendly approach is always the best way to raise an interest in the reader’s mind. Tell them a personal story, and link it up to the content. It does not need to be something completely random, or something completely heroic. A normal story will work, to which the readers can connect.

Moreover, a story can be a great way to draw in interest of your audience. However, make sure that the story focuses on the main issues of your post.

Ask Questions in Introduction

No one likes a boring post. Tell the people something exciting, for which they look forward to. A good example for this would be to ask a question in the introduction part, and give an answer to that in the middle section. This creates a sort of invisible bridge between the introduction and middle part, which also guarantees that the person will reader the whole matter before proceeding onto the main part. The bottom line is, you have to be intimate with your readers.

Why did you write this?

Always write what triggered this type of topic in your mind. Most people will find this useless to write, but it usually helps the readers to find themselves in the same shoes as you. They may relate the situation to one, which has happened in their own life. This, again, will rise an interest in their minds.

Create Curiosity

A question, which has been left unanswered, creates an eerie feeling. Questions can greatly intensify a person’s curiosity. Ask your reader’s question, which they cannot answer without reading your content. This will help them become more interested in your post.

Authentic Facts

You cannot provide information, which is baseless. Details greatly influence your overall post. It boosts the credibility and value of your post. Exact numbers are even better, if used. Readers tend to trust exact values more. Moreover, you can also add in your reference links that will further authenticate your data.

Popular Quotes

Quotes are yet another element, which can greatly enhance your post value. Everyone loves reading quotes. Always try to use popular quotes from well-known authors. This will, in a sense, allow you to borrow their authority. You can use quotes to support the major key points of your posts, which will in turn increase the reader’s trust in your post.

Lastly, you must always write your own name after the blog post has ended. It is not anything essential or necessary, but it leaves a positive response on some people.

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