5 reasons why your telecom company should use chatbots

Let us take a look at the nature of inquiries handled by the customer support agents and how chatbots are better suited to handle these scenarios:

1. Repetitive customer inquiries

The inquiries addressed by agents generally follow a specific workflow. Extensive studies and research shows that most of the calls received by agents are related to routine tasks. Repetitive jobs are a common cause of employee boredom and under utilize human resources. They can be better handled by bots, so employees can focus on decision-making tasks that require human supervision.


2. Huge volume of incoming customer inquiries

To attend to this huge volume, companies have no choice but to put incoming customers in lines waiting for their turn to speak to an agent. By employing chatbots to deal with this volume, companies can rein in the cost of setting up and training support agents.

3. Agents having to frequently connect to other departments

From a customer’s point of view, he is speaking to the company and does not understand why he has to wait while the call gets transferred between departments. He expects the first agent he speaks to, to resolve the issue. However, the biggest technology challenge that telecom companies face today in having a single view of the customer is that their departments are quite siloed. There isn’t a smooth flow of information from one department to another. Employees are looking after difference processes and there is usually a lag during the call transfer. A chatbot, on the other hand, is directly connected to all the processes internally and can resolve issues spanning different departments with ease. For the customer, the experience is much smoother.

4. Customers’ expectation of a 24 x 7 reachable support system

It is unrealistic for a company to offer a 24 x 7 available support system, with an ever-growing base of customers. Chatbots are the least expensive and most effective tools to address this need in the telecom industry.

5. The inconvenience of IVR navigation

Customers generally navigate through a maze of IVR options before they reach an agent that can resolve their issue. Such an experience could turn out to be frustrating for the customer, especially if he is in a hurry or if the issue is fairly simple. A chatbot, armed with natural language processing (NLP), can easily process human speech and get to the issue directly. The experience is much more comfortable for the customer. Text as a medium is also preferred to voice as it is less intrusive and allows the customer to multitask.

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