How to get more subscribers and views on my youtube videos

We could say, without revising any statistics page that YouTube is one of the most popular pages on the Internet today. The organizers of this can boast the fact that users are allowed to publish the content they want provided they respect copyrights. If you are starting your size in the world of video from recently, perhaps you find yourself desperate when to get more free YouTube subscribers and views on your account. If so, here we provide some tricks how to get more YouTube views:

  • Ask all your friends if they have YouTube account and ask them to subscribe. This step is the most obvious and yet, often completely overlooked by shame or dismissal. Who better than your friends for advertising?
  • You may also download YouberUp to get ultimate free subscribers & views instantly! Totally organic and safe.
  • Browse the entire network of the page to find users with similar interests as yours, and then add them as friends.
  • Post your own videos on your website, blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, MySpace …
  • Make good quality videos, funny, entertaining or surprising. The goal is to keep viewers interested. Ask yourself what you”d like to see you.
  • Upgrade your account constantly; one of the reasons why people lose interest in some YouTubers is simply because they do not perform well on track videos. Communicate your everyday visitors the days go up new content.
  • Place ads in the middle of each video informing all users, if they liked, can subscribe. Try it contains the direct subscription link.
  • Actively participates in all social network that is indirectly YouTube . Post funny and witty comments on a similar theme to yours clips.

Following is the tips for better video optimization


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The thumbnails or “Thumbnails”

They are fundamental in the consumption of video over mobile devices. Should be clear, focused and in high resolution.


Is all the information you send when you publish a video and through it the user will find the content, so it is very important to be updated and organized. Furthermore, it should have good qualifications and make conservator ship. “Internet is very large, then do not let your content be lost,” was one of the key messages Bess.


They are related metadata, and include successful keywords.


Work must be done with allies. Establish alliances with the right channels and the right to promote the proper content.


These boxes are emerging within the videos when they are played (not advertising), the key is to generate links to more content, or a message that says “Subscribe to channel”.

Optimize videos

Include description, links to playlists and to buy.


Playlists makes their life easier for users and generate retention effect. “Previously we had a load limit, today is unlimited, then they can assemble lists with any number of videos”. It is important to organize these “playlists”. For musicians, for example, can be “covers”, live or studio.

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