Classic DOS Games That Bring Back Nostalgia

If you have some spare time, then consider going old school. Some of the first PC games are still fun to play today and will return you to a simpler time. We have listed DOS classics that helped pave the way for the modern games industry.


Doom was one of the original first-person shooter games, one of the first games to involve a 3D environment, and was inspirational in furthering the genre.

Players assume the role of an unnamed space marine who is traveling through Hell battling aliens and demons. The game received critical acclaim and has been remade multiple times.

Commander Keen

Commander Keen was one of DOS’s most well-known heroes. This child adventurer’s spaceship crash lands on an alien world, and it”s his responsibility to locate parts and make repairs. This is easier said then does as the alien world is home to a  range of hostile creatures.


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Player navigate Keen through a two-dimensional plane. He can run, jump, shoot a laser gun, and even has a pogo stick.

Oregon Trail

This was a fiendishly difficult adventure game that saw players traveling by wagon across the Oregon Trail. It was necessary to keep both your companions and your Oxen alive. Players were required to hunt for food, barter for supplies, and cross flooded rivers.

The game was more suitable for adults than children due to its difficulty. Play it today and see what we mean.

Master Of Origin

This game helped create the modern turn-based strategy genre. Players spent their time building a galactic empire. Planets needed to be colonized and bases needed to be built. The game also featured other AI players in the form of different alien races:  negotiation and diplomacy were crucial to survive amongst them.

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Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure

If you’ve never experienced the fun of controlling a green alien as he navigates exotic environments, then you missed out. This 2D platform game required players to overcome a variety of obstacles using Cosmo’s jumping and hanging abilities.

Cosmo starts with three lives and loses one everytime something goes wrong. Power up modules and hidden cheeseburgers allow Cosmo to increase his lifespan.


Players of Paganitzu control an explorer navigating their way through an Aztec Pyramid. This is easier said than done, as traps, giant spiders, and other monsters need to be overcome.

The game takes the form of a 2D sidescroller, and the main focus is on moving rocks. Doing so in the correct order can open pathways, kill monsters, and solve puzzles.

The goal of each level is to collect all the keys and make it to the exit without being killed. To do so will require some real brain power.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let these classics fall into obscurity. They were fundamental in helping grow the PC game industry into what it is today. Keep them alive by not only playing them yourself but by sharing them with other gaming enthusiasts.

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