When Time Is Money – Literally!

You can say that time is money when you talk about doing work in a hurry. You can say that time is money when you talk about lost opportunities. And then you can say that time is money when you’re talking about the price of actual timepieces – watches and clocks of new and old, modern and antique, complex design or simple production. For the record, every once in a while it’s good to look at what’s out there to help you keep on time, and perhaps what technology has done to make them stand out in a time-obsessed culture.


Start with the cutting edge of now, and the images on the edge of your mind will be the smart watches coming out, and thinking how much fun it would be to buy Apple’s new watch that is supposed to change how humanity thinks of watches in general. Those are some pretty big shoes. Several other companies have smart watches out already, but it doesn’t seem like they are up for popular demand yet. It may be that software and hardware combinations aren’t quite ready for the mainstream, so even the tech savvy folks are waiting for more smartwatch reviews and perhaps a few generations of troubleshooting to occur.

If you’re old enough, you may remember that, before cell phones, watches were a sign of personality and prestige as well, in addition to occasionally just being useful. Even now, you’ll see advertisements by big names in sports who claim that the watches they have on their wrists are signs of things the believe in, at least in theory. Golfers, football players, and basketball stars often make great spokespeople for luxury watches. They are represented as parts of lifestyle, more than practical items, but ultimately it all serves the same purpose.


Clocks have their own set of nostalgia, and even modern takes on old designs have a tremendous value to many different types of people. There are still generations of people who depended on timepieces other than cell phones, and there are many family heirlooms that include gigantic clocks that are the centerpiece of decorating a family room. There are cheap, ticking wall clocks that sport your favorite colors and team designs, and these will forever be popular with teenagers and college students. There are some technological advances that have worked their way into lower-cost inventory, mostly in the case of longer battery life, so that’s also worth considering.

By researching modern clock designs, you can also get a glimpse into the realm of the art world as it progresses. Since time is such a conversation piece when it comes to the philosophy of concrete vs. abstract, there can really be some interesting decorating to be done around the idea of time, and money.

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