How To Set Up Your Gaming Wireless Router

Did you just buy your first-ever gaming router? Routers are essential tools to connect your gaming devices to the internet. They come in a wide variety of models, sizes, and quality. Some are made with high-tech features that can be easily managed through a phone app, while others need manual setup. Some are also a bit more pricey than others.

But before you learn how to set one up. First things first, let’s define a gaming router. What’s the difference between a gaming router and a standard router? Is there any difference at all? Unlike a standard router, gaming types are able to prioritize network traffic and distribute bandwidth. In other words, a gaming router is made solely for gaming PC, as it can prioritize devices that need data packets. Furthermore, gaming routers often come with extra features that allow your device to prioritize gaming network traffic. This makes for faster gaming experience and less lag in online matches.

Setting up a gaming router can be difficult especially for non-techy users. Even though most routers come with labeled and color-coded ports, it can still be confusing if you’re not familiar with the process. The following are easy ways to properly configure your computer’s gaming wireless router:

Use the Right Hardware

Your gaming router will need a stable and secure connection with zero to low latency. For this you need to get the right cable for your router in order to lessen interference over long distances. Wired Ethernet is the best option when it comes to gaming, although there are special cases where homes can’t accommodate wired because of their space or home restrictions—in this case, you can only use wireless.

For the router, you want to invest in devices that are designed for your gaming setups. Standard routers are built to handle multiple devices such as tablets and phones, but they lack the power to maintain low latency and prioritize network traffic. When choosing the right router, pick one based on your needs. Go for a high-performance router that can accommodate your gaming network’s demand. While choosing best WiFi routers for gaming do not underestimate the wifi band and speed configuration.

Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Working

Before setting up your router, make sure it’s connected to a stable internet source. Most of the time, game lag is caused by a poor internet connection rather than a bad router. Also, bad connections can make installing wifi router for gaming a frustrating and long process. To check internet status, simply connect your modem to an Ethernet cable and plug it into your PC. Without connecting to the PC, you can also know that your router is connected to the internet by a color change or the presence of a new light.


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Set It Up Properly

This can either be the easiest or hardest step based on your experience with device configurations. After connecting your router to your modem, the next step would be to set up your modem. Most routers have their own app which you can download. Using the app to manage your router is pretty easy however if your router doesn’t have an app, you have to connect it manually using your router’s Ethernet cable.

Once connected, you can go to your router’s configuration page or let your router’s wizard walk you through the settings. Alternatively, you can also go to the website portal using this address (most routers use this, but it can also change depending on your router).

Configure the settings and change your password so you’re extra safe from hackers. If you’re using a gaming VPN, now’s the time to use it to get a faster and more reliable ping. After configuring the settings to your preferred options or using default, you can now finish setting up your router. 

Where To Place Your Gaming Router? 

To enjoy the strongest signal and best performance of your router, you’ll want to place your router in the center of your gaming hub. Place it where you would likely use your wireless devices. If your PC or gaming laptop is far from your router placement,  you can also use a powerline adapter or wireless extender to increase your coverage.

Simply connect the first adapter to your router and plug the second one it into a wall socket of the room where you want to receive and transmit signals. Do not place your router on the floor. Try checking the signal by trying different shelves and surfaces.


Setting up your wireless router can be hard without help. If you’re unsure how to do it the first time, don’t hesitate to consult an expert or spend more time researching. Once you’ve properly placed your wireless gaming router and set it up using the best configurations, you can enjoy high-speed internet and enjoy your games to its full potential!

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