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It’s never been easier—or more fun—to be enthusiastic about technology. Today, tech junkies can be into the most cutting edge gadgets on the market, or else they’re into the kitsch and retro vibes offered by old fashioned, rare, but definitely stylish collectors’ items. And no matter where you land on the tech gear spectrum, the online second-hand marketplace has made acquiring awesome products simpler and more inexpensive than ever. Ask anyone who really knows their technology: the best way and place to buy is second-hand, online, and using a comprehensive directory!

The most must-have tech item in North America is certainly the smartphone: once used only by the early adopters, now everyone from eight-year-old kids to seventy-five-year-old retirees uses them each day. So if you’re in the market for a new iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 4, or any other awesome new toy, make sure you peruse the alternative marketplace before heading to the mall. You can get a barely used, top-of-the-line model for dirt cheap, and help someone out in the process.

The same goes for laptops, tablets, and desktop computers (and computer parts and accessories, like USB keys, HDMI cables, speakers, memory discs, mice and mice pads, web cams, and so much more). People purchase computers all the time for work or school, but once a job, degree, assignment, or task is finished, they no longer need such an expensive device. No matter what kind of computer you’re looking for—personal or business laptop, touch screen, tablet, or old-school desktop—you are sure to find an excellent deal and excellent quality if you do your research and spend enough time navigating the second-hand economy.

For the music lover in your life, forget shelling out a bundle on new equipment; check the second-hand economy for iPods, headphones, mp3 players, and even good old-fashioned record, CD and tape cassette players (not to mention 8-tracks, cassettes, records, and CDs). It’s a great time for vintage technophiles: the cool and retro Walkman, 1980s-era boom box, and other old-school musical devices are all the rage, and often at competitive, reasonable, and negotiable rates. Vinyl never sounded, felt, or looked so good, and an online directory is your best bet to finding the rare albumfor your library. The same goes for movie buffs and aficionados: find projectors, televisions, VCRs, DVD players, Blu-Ray players, and entire libraries of classic movies from some other film enthusiasts, and finally complete your noir, sci-fi, or western collection.

For contemporary and recently purchased video games, controllers, upgrades, and consoles, the alternative marketplace can’t be beat. Find PC games or games for home consoles like Nintendo DS and Wii, PlayStation 4, 3, PSP and Vita, Xbox One and 360—and if you’ve got young kids who’re pining for the latest upgrade, this is a great way to save money without sacrificing quality. If you’re interested in more retro gaming and games long out of circulation, there’s no better way to find Nintendo, Sony, or PC products — or go back even further and find an Atari, Intelevision, NES, Genesis, or other early-generation models.

If you’re looking for a great starting point and base for your next tech-related shopping spree, your ideal launching point is at Kijiji has an enormous selection of laptops, smartphones, cameras, video games, televisions, and just about every piece of technology on the market, and they’ve got a long history of hooking up happy buyers and sellers in every city and town across Canada. They’re leading the way with the burgeoning alternative marketplace, making them an exciting resource for every technophile coast to coast to coast. So don’t wait — dive into the world of second-hand goods, and discover a whole other world of products!

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