How to Connect Advocates to Lawmakers in Congress


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If you are deciding to run for Congress, or are supporting someone in their run for Congress, you are going to want to find a way to establish a line of communication. Why is this important? If you are a lawmaker, you want to be able to talk to your advocates so you can let them know about your policies and your standpoints on important issues. At the same time, if you are an advocate for a lawmaker, you might want to find a platform in which you can communicate any issues you are having towards them. By connecting these people together, the government can run that much smoother. How can you go about connecting these people, however? Here are some ways in which advocates can connect to lawmakers in Congress.

Online Platforms

We are currently in the age of social media and technology. There is no shortage of platforms online where people can connect to one another. The question to ask now, is what platform should you look into using? If you are a lawmaker in Congress, ideally you would want to find a platform that can allow your advocates to connect to all of your social media accounts, while also putting them on an email list for easy contact. A company such as “The Soft Edge has the best online advocacy software” for connecting these two groups together. As mentioned above, they feature an email list that you can use to either send to other lawmakers, or reach all of your advocates.

The platform also features a ton of other features that can greatly improve your connection with your advocates. If you are unsure of who to support, you can also use the software to find people in your area whose policies and beliefs align with your own. Finding and using a strong online platform to connect everyone together is one of the best things to do as a lawmaker or advocate.

Public Appearances and Meetings

Just because a lawmaker has been voted in does not mean that they do not have to speak to the public anymore. Statistics have shown that lawmakers who make an effort to connect with the public and understand their issues have a much higher approval rating. If you want to take things a step further than just online platforming, consider scheduling a public appearance or meeting with your region. This will allow you to connect lawmakers to understand what their supporters want from them and what they can do to make it happen.

Keep in mind however that whenever a political figure makes a public appearance, there is going to be some resistance from people on the other side of the political spectrum. How these types of situations get handled can help sway public opinion as well. Public appearances are always a great way to connect as they allow people to connect on a level far greater than online. Never underestimate what can be done between lawmakers and advocates if they take the time to meet.


Image Source: Pexels

A Phone Call

A simple phone call is another great way to connect the two parties together. It allows for a nice one on one discussion which will give both sides the ability to talk and present their side. As a lawmaker, it can be extremely difficult to take on one on one calls, so be aware of your schedule and how much time you have to speak with people. While it is great to speak with a person, as a lawmaker you might want to think about branching out to accommodate as many advocates at the same time as possible.

A Letter

Finally, sometimes the oldest method is the best when it comes to connecting lawmakers to advocates. By sending letters back and forth, you are able to communicate on your own time and privately with the other person. Unlike phone calls which require both of you to be present, letters can be read and responded to at one’s convenience, meaning you don’t have to worry about any scheduling issues. As a lawmaker, ensure your advocates leave mail-back addresses so you can send any information back to them. It might be slower than the other methods, but sending a letter is a great way to connect.

These are all ways that these parties can connect with each other and the community in a meaningful manner. As we are in a democracy, our representatives are supposed to be the voice of the people. As a lawmaker, ensure that you are taking the time to speak to the people, and as an advocate, let your issues be known. How do you plan on connecting to the other party?

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