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I have never trusted shared web hosting services. They make big claims of unlimited resources but there’s never nothing that comes as unlimited. I am often thinking why they claim it to be ‘unlimited’ when nothing is actually unlimited. I am telling you this because of my experience with my previous web hosting provider. I was using a shared plan for my blog with this host. I had subscribed to unlimited plans, but when my blog grew to over a few hundred visits per day, my site started suffering from more and more downtime. I contacted the customer support but couldn’t get any convincing answer. They asked me to upgrade to a dedicated plan. I had to say to them good bye and moved to Host1Plus, a service I had been thinking of for a long time.

Switching over to Host1Plus

My previous web host asked me to pay up $50 per month and again said that they would be offering me a plan that offered everything unlimited. But I knew that my previous web host was lying. I discussed my requirement with the support team at Host1Plus and based on my traffic, they asked me to start with the economical VPS plan. I chose the silver plan and I am happier than ever.

It was so affordable that now I know that the guy at my old web host was just making a fool of me.

Now I spend just under $5 per month (which is just 10% of what my old host asked me) and I have never faced any problem with my blog in the last 4 months!

There are many factors that make me feel that Host1Plus is entirely different and greatly beneficial to everyone – both bloggers and those with powerful websites.

  • I am able to choose the location of my server (even for VPS plan)
  • I can choose my application – mine is WP
  • I can choose my OS template
  • I can slid a few parameters and configure my server resources

So what is my plan?

I started with the below mentioned plan and I have continued with it for 4 months. It is only now that I think my blog traffic has grown further and its time I upgraded.

  • CPU cores – single core
  • RAM – 768 MB
  • HDD – 30 GB
  • Bandwidth – 1,000 GB
  • 1 IP address

Initially I signed up for 6 months for just $28.25, which was extremely affordable for me. Imagine me spending $50 per month if I had continued with my old web host. And here I was spending nothing more than $30 per 6 months and my blog was doing greatly.

Variety of Plans

Host1Plus offers a multitude of plans including:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • 6 month
  • Annual
  • 24-month
  • 36-month


The web host promised me an uptime of 99.9% when I signed up. I have no complaints against them. They had pre-informed me that my site could go down for a small time once annually because of their annual maintenance.

I did some background check on the hosting company and found that they are based in the UK. They use the latest in technology and their datacenters are regularly upgraded. Despite having originated in the UK, they are able to effectively manage data centers across the world.

Besides, they back up all their datacenters with high level of security and backup power systems. They also ensure reliable server environments and faster response times too.

Server Location

It was when I looked at the VPS plans offered by Host1Plus that I realized that I could also choose the location of the server assigned to my blog. With my old web host I was living in a closed world. My server location is in LA. The other options offered by this web host are:

  • Chicago
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Lithuania
  • Johannesburg
  • Frankfurt
  • Sao Paulo

High Quality Customer Support

I was impressed with the customer support from the first time I called them up to find the perfect plan for my web host. I also sought their help when I needed to move my site. The courteous team led me step by step through the process and I couldn’t have asked for anything else.

With my previous web host, I always felt that I was taken for a ride. There were always an underlying sales pitch and they always wanted me to upgrade. I have never felt the same with Host1Plus! The response has always been professional and to the point. They never tried to upsell me!

The customer support team can be contacted via live chat and a ticketing system. Overall, the response is quite fast and they resolved all my queries.

Auto Installation

The auto installer from Host1Plus is designed specifically for people like me, who don”t have much technical knowledge. If you don”t have much knowledge of how to install WP and all the plug-ins that come with your site, the auto installer can do the job for you. It provides me a 1-click setup for all my applications. There is no need to go through the entire process.

Dedicated IP Address

I have 1 dedicated IP address with the host. It is beneficial for my SEO. They offer up to 32 dedicated IP addresses, but I don”t want more. I will think of more IP addresses when I launch more of my blog sites.

Prices & Payment Modes

Host1Plus makes it easy when it comes to prices and payment modes. As I already mentioned, I found the prices extremely affordable. Now that I am going to upgrade after my 6 month plan completes and there is no reason why I should not. My previous shared plan with another web host cost me $3 per month. Host1Plus gave me a VPS hosting upgrade for just $5 a month (to be exact, $4.71 per month which is $28.25 for 6 months! That’s actually affordable beyond comparison for a VPS plan, especially for such a great package.

It’s not just about affordability. It’s what you get for the buck. I used to think that the most popular brands out there actually offer the cheapest hosting plans, but I realized that was not the truth. Some of the big brands, I don”t want to name them, are popular because they spend a lot on their advertising. They charge at least $30 for an equivalent plan. Besides, Host1Plus doesn’t have any hidden charges. Other web hosts have so many extras and all the boxes are already ticked.

Then there is the payment option. I pay them using my visa card, but they have so many options. I think having so many payment systems is a great thing for bloggers and site owners from worldwide.

Here is their accepted payment methods:


I have done some comparison and research, and I found that Host1Plus offers one of the best VPS hosting plans out there. It offers the flexibility to choose from a server location that is close to my target market. The prices are what you can really call to be affordable compared to the competitors. There is flexibility to the billing cycle you can choose. Upgrading is easy and affordable too. I think I will not have to think of moving to another web host for a long time!

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