How to Choose a Loan Provider

People choose their home mortgage providers based on a number of criteria, not all of which are financial. A number of factors play into the final decision to apply for a mortgage with a certain loan provider, based on customer service, long-term stability, location, etc.

Consider the following factors when you”re choosing a loan provider.

1. Cost

Loan cost isn”t as straightforward as you might think. Interest rates have an impact on the total amount that a loan will cost over the life of the loan. They also determine the monthly payments, fees that may be attached to specific lender programs, as well as the entire lifespan of the loan: ten, twenty years, or more, for example.

Consider what”s most important to you in the long run with regard to the cost of your loan. Many people are looking to pay the least amount of money over the long haul, so they seek the lowest interest rate.

A low interest rate combined with the highest possible monthly payment will shorten the length of your loan, and decrease the amount of money that you pay altogether.

On the other hand, people on a tighter budget might choose a loan that”s most affordable in terms of the monthly payment size. This may mean accepting a slightly higher interest rate or a longer loan period in order to pay less money per month.

Different loan providers will offer different programs, with varying interest rates, lender fees, and costs based on your down payment.

2. Customer service

Because mortgages are agreements made between homeowner and lender and last for decades, it”s important to remember that the way that your loan providers deal with their customers is nearly as important as the financial details of the mortgage.

When you call or meet with loan providers, assess their willingness to discuss various mortgage and financing options with you, their general knowledge of their own services and the products of other loan providers, their general disposition and willingness to help you understand your financial situation, and the compatibility between yourself and your financial consultant.

Some people prefer lenders that are local and smaller scale, because a smaller clientele might raise the lender”s ability to spend more time discussing options, and have more flexible appointment schedules. Larger institutions might have more individuals available to discuss your options, however, and offer more varied financial plans.

They probably also have a customer service hotline, which means that some questions you might have after your meeting could will be answered more quickly. Choosing between small and large loan providers is ultimately based on your personal preferences, and your needs as a homeowner.

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