4 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media

You have your security settings tight and are only friends with people you know in real life, so what’s the harm in a little oversharing on social media? A lot, since you shouldn’t blindly trust your security settings (you might have missed a checkbox somewhere) and there’s no telling what friends of friends may see. For example, have you ever seen a stranger’s Facebook post pop up because one of your friend’s liked it? It might seem annoying but harmless, but it could lead to a dangerous situation.

There are some things that should never be shared on social media. However, this can be a challenge since you naturally want to share exciting news, at times vent to your friends at large, or ask as many people as possible a pressing question. Before posting, make sure you’re not committing one of these dangerous missteps:

Vacation plans before or during your holiday

It’s tough to not share plans about your upcoming trip online or “check in” overseas. However, it’s an open invitation letting people know your home may be empty. Even someone “liking” your status might notify one of their thousands of acquaintances who’s in need of a quick buck. Instead, wait until you’ve returned home and make it clear that the vacation is over.

Where your items are stored

Are you moving and storing your car or property? Asking about the best storage facilities is perfectly fine, but don’t comment publicly in a manner that suggests you’ve chosen an option. Instead, direct message (DM) if necessary, and never post the name or location of your stored items. Even the most secure of units can be vulnerable to committed thieves.

Anything while you’re angry or under the influence

You’ve probably deleted a post or two in your life, and it’s wise to always think twice before posting. However, if you’re upset or have been drinking, don’t use social media at all. Screenshots are forever, and there’s no telling what kind of relationships you can harm or embarrassment you can cause yourself.

The latest, big purchase or gift you received

Are you the first of your friends to snag one of those new curved TVs? That’s awesome, but posting about it to everyone might be too tempting for thieves. Instead, message people privately or create a private event for a movie night to show it off.

Social media is, by nature, social. Keep more of your life private and enjoy better security.

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