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Knowing English is not only about being able to speak it, but also about writing it. Although orality is important, written language continues to be one of the most formal means of expression and is widely used both in academic and professional fields. Therefore, it is vital that in addition to knowing the language, you have a notion about its grammar, and spelling, to achieve perfect writing. Here we present some grammar check free online tools that you can find online and that will help you polish your written English. Most are free.

The English grammar is very different to the other language grammar, since it belong to different language families. Although the verbal conjugation of English is quite simple, one of the difficulties it presents are irregular verbs and some special constructions such as the Saxon genitive that indicates positional relationship.

We can feel confident about our abilities in the English language, but if at the time of writing an article for college or work we are assaulted by the doubts, it is time to rely on some tools.

Write full

It is a tool that corrects grammatical errors in English and also allows you to search for synonyms within a sentence, identifying the most common words. It is a powerful tool for perfecting English phrases, spelling and completing sentences when we do not know which preposition to use.


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It is an online grammar checker that helps you write better in English. Corrects grammatical errors and misused words, replacing them with others or recommending some. Verify the agreement between the subject and the verb and check the contextual orthography that corrects according to the context and uses in certain areas and places.

Language Tool

This platform allows you to enter the English texts that you want to review or download an application to analyze them with it. It detects not only spelling and grammar errors, but also orthotypography and style, so it is a good tool for those who want to perfect their writing to the fullest and show off with their texts in English.

Tips to write better

Do not repeat words:  The amplitude of vocabulary, as well as the cultural level of a person are noticed in the excessive use of words. Look for synonyms or concepts that could replace what you wrote. The first thing you should do is find your crickets (the words that you repeat constantly), search them in your text with the functionality in Word of Ctrl + B and change them for others. It is also recommended to use a character count to help you keep track of the words, characters, and sentences you use in a text.

Use subtitles or intermediate heads

When you make a text, especially if it is long, think about dividing it into subtopics and using intermediate heads. This helps to rest the sight and make reading more fluid. Do not abuse punctuation marks or bold letters. Most of the time you can omit punctuation marks such as parentheses and hyphens by adding periods or commas. In this way the writing looks cleaner. It also avoids the excess of bold letters and italics; analyze well what you need to highlight and do it only when it merits.

Use spell-checkers it:

Might sound obvious but not all do it? Although the Word tool is quite functional, keep in mind that it does not fix all the errors, especially if they are diacritic accents. If you do not know how to use a word, just do not use it. The same thing happens when it comes to grammar. Or one can take help of SentenceCheckup.

Be Authentic

To get your posts to gain traction it is essential that you define what your voice, tone and writing style will be. Do not try to sound very different from how you speak, as the reader will notice, and do not try to imitate the style or ideas of someone else. Eye: never write of a topic that you do not know.

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