5 Must Have Tools For Bloggers

In our world, there are some seemingly simpler but actually difficult jobs! Indeed, blogging is one of such jobs, which require enough attention, craft and skill of analyzing to move on, particularly when you have turned yourself into an impressive, professional blogger that has built a notable reputation. Nevertheless, using some superb tools can help you make the job a bit simpler if you know how to use them rightly. In this post, however, we have come up with list of five must-have tools for every blogger out there; we are sure that every blogger, regardless his or her experience & expertise level, would find these tools to be extremely productive and inevitable in the internet marketer life. Less talks, more action — shall we move on to the list?

Google Analytics

Yeah, we are talking about the traffic analysis tool from the Silicon Valley giant, Google Inc that can work fine with a wide range of website platforms. The main function of Google Analytics is to have deep look into traffic aspect of the website you have, by analyzing different sections such as sources of traffic, demographics, and something more that you will find useful when it comes to getting ready for your next traffic enhancement campaign — past can help you redefine future when it comes to blogging! So, as far as you are expecting good traffic in your site, Google Analytics is a must-have tool for every blogging professional out there.


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Knowing about your websites as well as others’ is important when it comes to blogging! There may be many kinds of instances when you want to have a brief set of information about a site, for instance, when you are going to publish an article in that site. SEOPoints is a much simpler tool that can help you bring important information in a single page that makes enough sense. List of information that SEOPoints brings include page rank, loading speed, Alexa rank and its transition, social media shares and almost everything a typical blogger would consider while accepting /rejecting.


Analyzing backlinks and how they are distributed is important as far as a blogger is concerned. He/she would like to know the number of backlinks, where they do come from, anchor texts that link to the website etc at once. Ahrefs is an all-in-one solution when it comes to link analysis and the service can bring you information such as referrals, in-bound links etc. Obviously, since backlinks play a pivotal role in determining your Search Engine Optimization level, Ahrefs is an essential tool for every blogger out there.


SEMRush is a superb tool if you believe in the art of comparing data with that of your competitor and determining a lot of factors about your website and its development. Once you input URL of your competitor website, you can have a wide range of information including backlinks, organic search, advertising research, keyword research etc. These data will be quite helpful when you think about the advertising aspect of your website. Considering all these superb features, SEMRush will be somewhat essential for every professional blogger when you want to surpass most of your competitors and rank high.


Even after all these search engine algorithm updates, Content is still the king when it comes to blog and you have to know what type of content works well in your blog. Buzzsumo is an intuitive tool that can help you find various kinds of aspects regarding performance of content you have already published and then to take inspiration from it, as to perform well in future. So, if you need content that ranks, Buzzsumo will help you find it.

So, what do you think about these tools? Do you think any other tools are essential for bloggers? Well, then, we’d be excited to have a look.

Author Bio: Abhijith N Arjunan is a contributor at beebom, a technology and social media blog that combines latest news tips and other reports from tech world.

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