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A video platform is a search engine that allows you to find a degree of relevance of video resources following the keywords you have typed. Some websites offer the search engine as the main feature, which is why the site itself is called “search engine”. A video sharing platform does not necessarily include search engine software, although, today almost all of them tend to include one on their site.

  • Conversely, a video search engine does not necessarily offer content sharing.
  • Learn about other search options to consult on specific topics and identify some of its benefits.

Today, the effectiveness of video in the digital communication of brands is no longer to discuss! Many companies include this medium in their strategy. On the other hand, the video is not just about the pros and anyone can post their own videos on the net.


Currently, web search engines are a very useful tool, since they allow you to instantly obtain any information in videos, audio, animations, graphics, text, etc. You might think that they collect all the information stored on the web. They solve our queries by offering a wide variety of answers and, above all, the most relevant ones according to what we are asking, thanks to their algorithms.

This means that here we are talking about the so-called specialized search engines like Vimore, which may be unknown by many Internet users who only use the most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, either because they come by default with browsers. However, knowing about these specialized search engines represents a valid option to take into account. Why?

These search engines have auxiliary themes and their own tools, an extra resource that can help the user to satisfy their curiosity by better complementing the possible questions that are asked when starting the search. All this may be able to expand knowledge in the user, taking into account that not all people consult in the same way.

Their role is to browse the web and automatically index the content they visit, relevant videos, etc. All the operation is based on the responses to your queries, classified by degree of relevance. And, it is here that it is important for a site to be at the top of the list on the results page.

Indeed, being indexed on a search engine is the main source of traffic to your site. Currently, the undisputed leader of search engines is of course Google with over 90% of market share (closely followed by Bing and Yahoo).

These platforms offer a range of additional applications that are more interesting which makes them one of the most accomplished and most intuitive of the market today. The strength of Vimore video search engine is the quality of the videos on offer and it is ideal for sharing your personal videos. Whether it’s regarding video SEO or simply about marketing, browsing, or searching hard to find videos, Vimore is the right place to go!

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