5 Tips To Save On Tech

Technology can be expensive. Depending on your industry, it can be extremely expensive. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the arts, the industrial industry, communication industry, or any other industry – as technology changes, so do the things you have to purchase to function.

That said, there are ways to save on technology by following a few simple tips – use those rebate coupons every time, comparison shop for every single purchase, remember that the latest isn’t necessarily the greatest, attempt to co-own major purchases first, and if you don’t like something, take it back!

Use Those Rebate Coupons!

There are several different kinds of rebate coupons. In-store, out-of-store, manufacturer. Even without knowing how rebate coupon processing works, you can take advantage of every possibility. And we’re all guilty of buying major purchases at one time or another and then forgetting to send those coupons and rebates in. If you’re going to do it, do it right away so you can’t forget or be lazy about it. This can mean thousands of dollars of savings in the long run.

Comparison Shop At All Times

There are lots of apps that help with comparison shopping. Use them for every single major purchase. Many stores honor competitor’s prices. And if they don’t, just drive the distance you need to go to get that lower price. Some gadget or gizmo may be on a clearance sale somewhere. With the right apps and the right search methods, you should never really have to pay full price anywhere, assuming there is anywhere near you that offers it for less.

The Latest Isn’t Necessarily the Greatest

Technology is moving faster than ever. That said, the new things aren’t always better than the old ones, just different. Some people still like their older cell phones. Other people like cameras they are already familiar with or have perhaps higher quality parts. You can save a lot of money by knowing what your trade off value is in terms of new and pricey vs. older and still good enough to get the job done.


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Try Co-Owning First

Find someone with similar interest and purchase a new piece of tech with them. You might buy a new gaming system for example. It teaches you to share, for one thing, and also essentially gives you 50% off the purchase price. Share with more than one other person and that number continues to go down.

Don’t Be Scared To Take Things Back

Some people are nervous about taking things back. They don’t want to go through the hassle, or they feel like since they bought it they should keep it. Well, if you really want to save money on gadgets, you don’t have to keep the ones you don’t like!

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