Using Technology To Use with Regard To Addiction Treatment

If you”ve ever dealt with any kind of addiction personally or with respect to a family member or close friend, then you realize that a huge part of the recovery process is simply knowing facts about the situation, rather than speculating or working with assumptions.

With that said, one of the best ways to learn these facts can be by researching using the tools available with the latest technology, namely mobile devices and gadgets and the ways that they connect to larger information sources on the web. Five specific ways to do this including learning the language and conditions of addiction, finding inspiration, using scheduling apps, finding other people to connect with, and using phones as emergency devices.

Learning Specific Language and Conditions

In terms of the language of addiction and recovery, knowing treatment modalities can be one of the most important first steps that you can take. Essentially, you”ll be learning the vocabulary behind the techniques used to treat addiction. Without this vocabulary, you”ll be running blind trying to decipher the best ways to discuss important events.

Finding Inspiration

You can also use mobile technology to find inspiration instantly. This can either be done by booking marking inspirational websites, or even installing one of the many separate inspiration apps that are available on different stores, depending on the type of mobile device that you have. You never have to be more than one or two clicks away from images and phrases that can help you or someone you care about stay centered regarding their addiction, and this is largely due to the explosion in readily available tech that isn”t priced out of the average person”s budget.


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Using Scheduling Apps

There are lots of times that addiction and addiction treatment run on very strict schedules. You can either continually look at the time, or you can use scheduling and reminder apps to your advantage. You can use countdown clocks, count up clocks, daily reminders, location alarms, and a myriad of different other ways to keep reminding yourself to stay on target.

Finding Other People To Connect With

You can also use your phone to connect with other people. There are things like meetup apps, or you can simply have a contact book full of people where, when you need some kind of support for your addiction, you simply call them. If your information sources are people, then this type of connection is even more important.

Using Phones as Emergency Devices

And finally, in the throes of really gnarly addiction, your phone always doubles as an emergency device. This can be to call the police, or emergency services, or even be used as a GPS locator in case that”s required for a situation.

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