Three Reasons to Start a Personal Blog as a New Year’s Resolution

With Christmas nearly on the horizon, this is usually the time of year when our thoughts turn to our hopes for the coming year, and what goals we would like to set to help ourselves get there. New Year”s resolutions get something of a bad rap because so many people don”t stick to them very long, and many of us have experienced a big failure after starting January with the best of intentions to get in shape, break a bad habit, manage money better, or other commonly chosen resolutions.


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However, a lot of people find that making a resolution that feels like it adds to their lives, rather than restricts them, is easier to stick to, for instance starting a new sport or hobby, learning something new, or, as we”re going to talk about here, starting a blog.

Here are three reasons why starting your own blog can be a fantastic choice of New Year”s resolution, that will keep you interested and enrich your life throughout the whole of 2017 and beyond:

It”s Inexpensive and Easy

Starting a blog doesn”t really require you to have any web design skills, because you can use pre-built templates and free content management systems like WordPress. It is also a cheap hobby – all you really need to pay for is hosting, which costs very little per month from companies like Smart Hosting – and a domain name, which you can often get included in a hosting package or register inexpensively through a different provider. This makes it a far cheaper new hobby than most, and one almost anyone can afford. When you have your blog set up, you also have loads of convenient ways to update it, including via your phone.

You Can Express Yourself!

Whether you have always dreamed of being a writer, have opinions you would like to voice, are passionate about a topic, or just feel like sharing your own life with the world, a blog lets you express yourself, and you can be as open or anonymous as you want, and choose any subject or niche you”d enjoy being a part of. You don”t have to be a great writer or even enjoy writing – blogs that use other media like photos, illustrations and video are just as easy to create.

You Can Make New Friends

Bloggers don”t tend to exist in isolation, and once you start blogging, you can soon find yourself making friends with other blog owners in your niche, and readers who comment on your content. By using Twitter to promote your blog, it can be even easier to make new connections and expand your digital world.

If you are looking for a goal for the new year that you won”t get bored of after three weeks, and which will add value to your life in lots of ways, then starting a blog is highly recommended! You may even become famous or make money from your new site!

Osho Garg

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