Some ways the internet has changed the way we market

It is a little dishonest of me to say that we are going to be talking about how the internet has changed the way we do our marketing. The article is a little more specific than that – I want to talk about how the search engines and specifically Google has changed the way we market our products on a day to day basis. While the traditional tools for marketing have mostly remained the same, what has changed is the addition of some tools in our marketing tool board that allows us to be more specific in who we market to and how we market to them. While there has been a lot of trouble seen across the world in terms of privacy, or the lack of it, because of how search engines like Google work, we are not going to be talking about buying consumer data in order to market. This is too expensive, and in all honesty, not required to successfully utilize the tools given to us by the search engine algorithms in order to run a marketing campaign. What we are going to talk about is content creation, optimization and how adapting to the algorithm can allow us to market our products, without paying an extra cent to the search engines and marketing companies involved in the process.


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Reviews and content marketing

You might have noticed a rise in the number of reviews for all kinds of things rising all over the internet. There seem to be more and more websites dedicated to reviewing all kinds of stuff – games, movies, tv shows, casinos, chairs, other review websites and so on. The reason is simple – reviews and content, in general, allow for the creation of articles that contain keywords that are often searched by parties interested in finding a certain product. By creating content that is dedicated to a specific type of product, or even a very specific product, marketers are able to create pages that come up on the front page of any google search when it is searched for. Just take a look at this Casumo casino review to see how the content is built in order to create something that would end up on the first page of a Google search. These content pages also contain links that attract the attention of the interested parties and redirect them to websites that are relevant to their interests. In doing so, people who end up on these pages follow these links and end up with the product page, where they either buy it or don’t. This is the basic reasoning behind such content creation.

SEO and why it is important

The process that is described above is the direct result of Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of creating pages and content that are optimized with keywords, word count and other tools in order to be more attractive to search engines. Every search engine has an algorithm that values certain things over others. These search engines might value keywords the most, or they might value the content the most, but whatever it is, content that is optimized for search engines is the content that is more likely to end up on the first page of a search.

The process of optimization is complex and often overlooked by companies that do not know why or how it should be done. It involves keyword research, phrase research and even the content type research, all of which need to be considered before a useful text is crafted. But, when done right, its SEO optimized content becomes an incredibly useful mid and long term marketing tool in the arsenal of any marketer and any website.

Simply the fact that a page is on the first page of a Google search results in a large volume of traffic. Hundreds of people are likely to end up clicking on the page, even if it is the last result on the first page. High traffic means higher sales, which means higher income. It is an incredibly high-efficiency marketing tool that requires a small investment of time and money but results in disproportionately more income when done right.

The challenges

There are, of course, challenges associated with the process. Algorithms are updated regularly, and the changes in algorithms result in a need for a change of tactics in how the SEO is done. T means adapting al content in order to keep it on the front page and it means learning what each new updated to the search engines means for how SEO should be done. This is why it is important to hold a relationship with a professional team of SEO marketing companies, as they are the ones that are constantly keeping track of the information and updating their strategies and approaches to the websites, in order to maximize the efficiency with which the content is they work with is optimized.

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