HOM 55″ Inch Smart Led TV That’s Cheaper Than A Smartphone

If you have been dithering for some time and holding back from purchasing a new television set because of prohibitive pricing, wait no more. HOM: Har Family ka member, Mobile se sasta TV changes the tilted landscape of smart TV’s with their latest kid on the block, a surefire winner; the 55″ Smart LED 4K TV which has the amazing potential to alter the game in favor of consumers. This 55inch Android Smart TV with Miracast Technology, from the stable of HOM is loaded with features that are only to be found in other televisions which are more than twice as costly!

55” Smart LED 4K TV

You would hardly believe your ears if I told you that this new and exciting product ships at under Rs 30,000 which is lesser than the price of a high end mobile phone. Yes, that’s true, and to add to the glory, it is a smart TV, which essentially means that you can add it to your home network of connected devices and have total control over it from your remote. You have, for the first time the chance to experience the very realistic and vibrant display of 4K HDR at your fingertips with the stunningly clear 4K Ultra HD resolution that brings movies, music and games to life in the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the incredible features of the all-new 55″ Android Smart TV that is sure to take your breath away.

  • Being endowed with Android 4.4, it has the capability of harnessing the powers of Android Kitkat to optimize your viewing experience and put it at a par with the best television sets out there. The 1 GB RAM ensures that your home screen apps work without any kind of lag or buffering. This is very important to viewers who want a smooth transition between the various functions that this exciting product has to offer.
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  • The 4K HD display offers you a great view of the riot of colors at their very best. A 4K HD display resolution means that the horizontal screen display resolution is to the order of a huge 4,000 pixels. Movies and sporting events like the upcoming world cup come to life with amazing clarity and depth!
  • You have access to all the content on YouTube, the world’s largest streaming channel and you just have to press a button to have a go at immersive content like movies, music, sports, games and much more! In a normal case scenario, you would have to pay for this kind of premium content; however with the HOM 55″ 4k HD TV, it is free for you.
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  • If you feel like you have had your fill of normal television and want to try something else, HOM TV offers you access to inbuilt apps that are highly immersive and interesting. You have games to play, a chance to be active with a fat burn program, along with live updates every 30 minutes about things that are of interest to you. Weather updates are also available on this incredible offering at the press of a button.
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  • It ships with a smart remote, meaning that this remote has the capability of controlling other devices as well with a one touch, one device solution that works over Wi-Fi.Users, who are busy and successful career individuals, and can make time out for leisure activities only occasionally, will find this to be a boon, because they will not have to move from one place to another when they are ensconced in their favorite armchair with a cup of steaming chai by their side.
  • The HOM TV ships with a standard USB port where you can connect it to a USB stick which holds your favorite media content and lets you watch it on the screen, with full support for navigation and folder creation. The HDMI port is an audio/video interface that is present on this device, and it allows transmission of uncompressed video data and either compressed or uncompressed digital audio. So if you are planning to play your favorite X-Box or PS4 games on this, it is the perfect choice for you!
  • The HOM TV also has in built Wi-Fi interface, which makes for the elimination of a PCI card or a USB dongle, letting you flip between different online channels effortlessly. Kitkat makes sure that the operating system is functioning optimally at all times.
  • This amazing product is for sale via all the regular and normal channels of delivery. Plus, it will be available to you from any mobile store near you, which is a first for this country.

This is a clarion call to all media enthusiasts, a game changer for the television industry with its ultra-low price which is light on the pocket, yet without compromising on any of the features of a high-end Android TV. Come and be a part of HOM: Har Family ka member, Mobile se sasta TV!

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