Choosing The Right VPN For Your Mac

Data is all that matters to people today. There are hackers, advertisers, telemarketers and even the government who are after your personal information. The moment you enter your personal information anywhere on the internet, there are scavengers waiting to pounce on it. So much so that even your IP address, your location and your browsing history is not safe. You may think that everything is local however that is far from the truth. This is why you need a VPN in today”s world. A VPN will help mask your identity and will keep all your personal information very secure. While MacBook users may think that they are less vulnerable to malware or virus attacks, the fact remains that hackers can still find a way to get a hold of your personal information. All they need to do is hack your internet connection and they will have access to all your personal information that is stored on your MacBook or even entered on various sites.  There are a number of VPN for mac. Here is a list of the best.


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1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is said to be the best because of a number of reasons. The connectivity is fast and the customer service is excellent. The security features that come along with it are also beyond compare. You will receive unlimited bandwidth and the best part is that ExpressVPN keeps no records of your personal data as well. ExpressVPN is said to be super fast and has very little connectivity issues.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is a very efficient and secure VPN to use. All MacBook users expect security and that is exactly what NordVPN does for you. The VPN is very easy to use and even a first time user will be able to configure it in no time. The servers for NordVPN are very fast and there are no bandwidth or speed restrictions as well. Similar to ExpressVPN, there are no records of your personal data.

3. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is said to have the largest number of servers spread across 50 countries. The connectivity for a MacBook is excellent and there are a few additional features that are not included with the other VPN clients. You are allowed to create multiple connections at one time. PrivateVPN also offers remote setup if you are struggling with anything. While there is no bandwidth restriction, the speed is a bit slower when compared with other VPN clients.

4. IPVanish

IPVanish is said to be a very fast VPN and some users even say that their download speed cannot be matched by anyone else. The VPN client that they have for MacBooks is amazing. It is easy to setup and very easy to navigate as well. There is no bandwidth limitation however you can only have a single connectivity at one time. IPVanish is certainly up there with the best and with a little tweaks, it could be unbeatable.

5. PureVPN

There are a number of users that have stated that PureVPN is the best for MacBook users. There are a number of additional features that come along with this VPN that makes it so unique. Some of the features include ad blocking that allows for safe browsing as well as antivirus software. You will even get a browser extension so that you are able to access it quickly. You will even get a kill switch which means that if you lose server connectivity, all websites that hold your personal information at logged out immediately. This means that if you are logged in to your internet banking page and you lose connectivity to the PureVPN server, your banking account will get logged off automatically so that hackers get no window at all.

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