Protecting Ecommerce Customers

Thousands of ecommerce businesses are available to customers at the click of a button. That doesn”t mean customers trust or follow through with a purchase on all of them. the easiest way for an ecommerce site to stand out from the crowd is to have the security features that customers look for so they know their purchases will be fast, efficient and safe to complete. If you are not sure how much security is required for your ecommerce website, here are some must-have security features you will want to implement.

Provide Customers with a Secure Ecommerce Platform

The first requirement of any good ecommmerce business is to work with an ecommerce platform that provides the safety and security needed for completing financial transactions. There are a lot of open source platforms available to use, and often come at a significantly lower cost to the business owner. However, these platforms are much less secure and could be manipulated to bring down your site or steal any stored financial data.


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Online Checkout Must Be Secure

There is no getting around the checkout process–if a customer doesn”t think your process looks secure, they will find their products somewhere else online. The right online shopping cart software will help customers feel more at ease when completing a purchase. Along with a secure shopping cart, customers who are concerned about security also look for an SSL certificate on an ecommerce website. This tells the customer that there is a business with a physical address associated with the ecommerce website.

And SSL certificate is also helpful for your business. The certificate, along with other security measures at checkout, can help prevent any fraudulent purchases that can harm your business.

Do Not Store Sensitive Data

The last thing a customer wants is to know that a company has a hold of their personal financial data and is storing it somewhere. For many businesses, storing names, addresses and payment information isn”t necessary, especially when you are storing these items on a long-term basis. Most ecommerce businesses only need to store a small amount of information for each purchase for any chargeback or refund process. Once the purchase and refund window is closed, the data that you”ve stored is no longer needed.

Along with the security of your customers, not storing their data can also help you cut your budget when it comes to adding extra security for something you don”t actually need.

Train Employees on Security

You can have the best security measures in the world, but if your employees don”t know how to work with it, it”s not very helpful to those who are relying on the security of your website. For any new security technology that you implement, providing training for how it works and how to spot any security breaches is essential for running a safe, secure and profitable online ecommerce website.

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