5 Tech Tools Your Business Needs To Use In 2019

Keeping Your Business Competitively Viable In “The Future”

As of 2019, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) have combined together such that mobile devices constitute the lion’s share of web interface. Desktop computers are getting phased out, as is centralized office infrastructure. Decentralization can make it possible for a startup located in an Ohio basement to employ hundreds internationally.

This is enabled through web and hardware decentralization via cloud computing which makes it possible for small startups to operate in a similar capacity to established enterprises. However, having such operational capacity requires proper use of available tools—and there are quite a few to consider in 2019.

While the following list is by no means comprehensive, it does include some known and developing tools especially worthwhile in 2019, and likely into the very near future. Following, we’ll examine five business tools for use in IT environments which stand out in 2019, and will likely be important to use in the very near future.


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1. Project Management Through Trello

Trello is the best PM software for getting started; though it may not necessarily have the best features or value, as an initiation tool, it’s a great way to get the ball rolling. There are many other similar options out there you may want to look into; what you need will differ from other, similar businesses. But to start, Trello is a great initiating agent.

Essentially, this tool allows you to gather varying projects together, assign work specifically, and manage employees throughout varying stages of a given project. Everything is consolidated and accessible remotely by anyone who has proper credentials and a trusted web connection.

2. CRM Through Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers key features, such as maximized product delivery and sales, more flexible pricing, top-tier customer support, and no requirement for credit card information when signing up. Customer Relationship Management software is key in keeping all leads your business acquires organized, and optimizing outreach for greatest effectiveness.

3. Cloud Software Monitoring: SolarWinds Through Papertrail

The Papertrail App makes it possible for you to collect all of your Azure logs, which can make management of varying data families on the Azure cloud more manageable. Logging is key to any effective management program.

Especially if you’re making full use of the cloud, you’re going to have quite a few data streams. If you don’t manage the software creating these streams, it will be very easy to lose key information in the shuffle. As cloud computing develops, more integral and effective software solutions in terms of management naturally become available.

4. Capitalizing From Free Options Like Avast

“Avast” is an anti-malware software solution that’s totally free, and it’s not alone. There are thousands of free software options you can use to cost-effectively manage the technology of your business.

Another example might be LibreOffice, which is basically Microsoft Office, but totally free—unless you’d like to donate, which is appreciated by that company. Additionally, LibreOffice is backwards compatible with Microsoft Office.

You can open Office files in Libre, and open Libre files in Office—provided you save them with the right extensions. This isn’t a 2019 innovation, but it is one that has stood the test of time.


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5. Data Analysis Through Alteryx

Alteryx is a self-service, data blending, data preparation wonder-tool to help you get the best analytics from available data across the surface area of your business. Cloud computing allows for total design from within the cloud, and it allows for trans-locational development, as well as infrastructural monitoring across your business’s surface area.

If you don’t have means of properly analyzing that data, it’s just so much numerical noise. Alteryx and other, similar programs help you identify trends, playing into those which are positive, and diminishing those which are negatively impacting operations.

Tools That Work For You

There are a lot of tools available out there today. There are free tools, tools which don’t require a downpayment, software management tools, data analysis tools, and more. Keep yourself appraised of available technology options to help you retain flexibility, competitive viability, and streamlined operations.

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