Working Smart: Video Editing Tips

Those who have experience in video editing know that it isn’t something that is easily accomplished. While it’s true that many software programs today have so much more than even the professionals had many years back (not to mention most are free), it can’t be understated that a video editor will still struggle through most projects. This is especially true for those who are just taking up the craft.

Just as there are many software programs available today that can make an editor’s life easier – with one example being Final Cut Pro Music for dealing with audio – there are fortunately guidelines and mindsets to help ease the burden of editing. If you’re having trouble with your latest project and need a few tips to help you accomplish your task, these simple steps will help make things much easier.


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Outline the story of your project, and the tone that you want to project

Considering the fact that this is all about working smart and not hard, it might seem strange to have a step involving making an effort even before you start the project. However, doing this will make things much easier for the rest of the project to handle. All you need to do is decide on the tone you want for your project.

After all, a video editor is in many ways a storyteller – what story do you want to tell those watching? You’d be surprised just how much of a difference it makes to decide early on the tone as it allows you to focus your efforts on the message.

Having trouble with a program? Dedicate yourself to it

Don’t give up just because a particular program is giving you trouble – unless it really does not have the features that you are looking for. Once you’ve decided on a quality platform, dedicate yourself to it no matter the issues. Unless you do this, you won’t be able to move on with your project because you’ll be constantly looking for your ideal software. The truth is, just about everything out there is viable; all it depends on is your dedication.

Preparation is the name of the game

Working smart is all about looking for ways to make the project easier to overcome without necessarily looking to compromise the quality of your project. Preparation is the key to making this all work easily, with the perfect example being timeline markers. If you want to be able to edit certain scenes with sound cues or line up the music to key events in the video, mark them beforehand! Plan your video out instead of doing all the parts only as they come up. This will not only hasten the process but make it easier for you overall.

Tone, pacing, dedication, preparation. These simple steps are what you need to be able to make video editing easy, and it’s necessary if you want to work smart. Remember that working smart isn’t being lazy – it’s being dedicated in the right way so that you can be efficient.

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