How to recover deleted data on Android


There are many categories of data that we store on our android device. Loss of any type of data can be really painful if we need that lost data again. For the recovery of data over the hard drive, there are large numbers of software developed. But if we talk about the mobile devices, there is only a less number of available software. There is a very efficient tool that is available in the market to recover such data. It is the Dr. Fone toolkit. This is an ideal tool that can fill up this gap. This software is capable of recovering almost each and everything that is stored over the android device.

Steps to recover deleted data on android

This toolkit has several features, out of which, the Android data recovery function is one the main feature of this software. Following are the simple steps to get the deleted data back over your android device:

1. Download the software and install it over the device

The initial step is to download the Dr. Fone for the android tool over the device. But make sure to download it only from a trusted and a safe source.  There is a free version of the tool available in the market but it has only limited features so go with the fully functional version so that you can easily recover deleted files Android.


2. Start up the program and connect the device

The next step is to launch the program over your PC. As soon as the first screen appears while you execute this program, connect the android device to the PC or laptop with a standard USB cord. But before starting the process, make sure that the android device has 20% or more battery within it.

3. Enabling the USB debugging mode over the android device

If the activation is not done over the android device regarding the settings of USB debugging, then a new window will appear over the device which will ask you to allow the process of USB debugging to begin. Follow the instructions appearing over the screen to begin the task. The available instructions on the screen will ask you at the correct time for decoupling of the android device from the PC.


4. Start the scanning of the android device

Now after the process of debugging is done and the software has successfully recognized the android device, click over next so that the program can analyze the data that is on the android device. The analysis of data will take some time to complete, so you will have to wait patiently. One tip that can be used to reduce the time of scanning is that you can select only the content that you want to recover. For example, to recover the photos, only check the gallery checkbox.

5. Recover the deleted data

The next step is to recover deleted data on Android. View all the programs and check the box next to the item that you want to get restored. The software will save all the checked files in a folder over the PC. This way, the recovery of data can be done in the simple manner.


Wondershare Dr.Fone for android is a must software that every android user must try. Only one trial can save you a great deal of time and efforts in future.

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