An Internet of Things: Top five of the coolest inventions

Whether you have a brand new Lenovo tablet or a Windows 8 PC, you”ll know that technology is incredibly advanced these days but it never stops evolving. In fact, creators and innovators have been working hard to connect more devices to the web than ever before which has led to a very interesting trend: An Internet of Things.

First coined in 1999 by British technology pioneer Kevin Ashton, an Internet of Things loosely refers to anything that connects the Internet with the real world and has bought with it a range of fascinating inventions. Here are five of the coolest around that are sure to take your breath away:

Peeko pajamas app

Designed to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) Peeko pajamas allows parents to monitor their children’s health and provides real-time information about their respiratory activity, skin temperature, body position and activity level. It might sound a little over the top but with many mothers and fathers becoming increasingly paranoid about SIDS it”s a practical invention that means well and embodies the Internet of Things concept well.


Remembering to take your prescription medication can be quite a challenge but now there”s a clever little system, which can help. GlowCaps fit medication bottles and send gentle reminders to a smart device of your choice thanks to a neat little microchip. That”s right, it will help you take your pills on time and even allows you to order refills making your life a whole lot easier.


TouchMountain is a Windows 8 compatible application that helps discover more about the world around you. Thanks to clever augmented reality technology, you can point your gadget at a mountain and it will provide you with numerous details such as the mountain”s name, peaks and trail routes if you fancy a hike. It also offers weather updates and height information, so you”ll always be informed while out and about. Other augmented reality apps include Star Chart, BallStrike and Corinth Micro Anatomy Augmented.


Designed by French company, Mother is a clever household management system that keeps an eye on the day-to-day running of your home. Complete with an intelligent Mother hub and numerous Motion Cookie sensors (which can be placed almost anywhere) it can keep track of motion and temperature and really stood out from the crowd at this year”s International Consumer Electronics Shows 2014.


With WeMo, you can gain control of the electric devices in your house from anywhere in the world. This clever app lets you switch on or off any gadget that”s been left plugged in and will help save you both time and energy. If you”ve ever left the iron on while on your way to the airport, for instance, you”ll know this is a pretty smart concept so why not give it a go yourself?

These are just five examples that embrace the Internet of Things theme but what else would you like to see hooked up to the Internet?

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