Top Mobile Apps For A Modern Method Of Wedding Planning

Getting married is a sacred tradition kept by men and women all around the world.  Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most memorable and perfect days of your adult life, but planning a wedding can be super stressful and confusing.

More and more couples are foregoing the option of hiring a wedding planner. Couples are doing their own wedding planning, and technology has made it easier than ever before.  Check out some of the top mobile apps for a more modern method of wedding planning.

Honeyfund for the expensive necessities

After you’ve spent all of your money making sure you have the very best engagement ring possible, there are still an array of other materials you and your new partner will need.  Honeyfund is a great registry app that takes a different approach to traditional registry applications.


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With this forward-thinking mobile app, you register for items you want, and your friends send money instead of materials. It is specifically designed to help fund your honeymoon, but there are other savings options as well.

WeddingHappy for your one stop planning shop

If you’re having trouble even knowing where to begin when it comes to planning a wedding, then WeddingHappy is the app for you.  WeddingHappy provides a wedding day countdown, the option to track payments for your wedding, and even manage different vendors for your big day.

Setting up this mobile app is simple, and you don’t even need internet access to use most of the features once you’ve got it installed.  Get your wedding planning organized anywhere you go with WeddingHappy.

Wedding Planner by The Knot

A free app for iOS and Android smartphones, Wedding Planner by The Knot has more than a few helpful aspects to its design.  The app has a planning checklist, a countdown option, a budgeting ability, and even an option to search nearby venues for the wedding.

Pinterest is great for generating ideas

Pinterest won’t really help you with any of the mechanical functions of your wedding, but the ideas available on the platform will help you jazz up the occasion. There are countless decorative wedding ideas and how-to’s available on Pinterest.

Color schemes, flower choices, cake designs, and more can be found by sorting through the plentiful supply of Pinterest ideas.

Wedding Countdown will remind you

Not as if you really need a reminder, but Wedding Countdown is an app that does just that.  It will give you a cute little way to countdown to the day of bliss, and provide ample opportunity to share the screen with your friends and family. Customize animated counters, and have fun anticipating that special day.

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