Now Is the Time to Use Office 365

According to Forbes, around 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by the year 2020.

Trends in the workforce follow the “work from anywhere on any device” model. Therefore, it is not surprising since moving to the cloud has resulted in productivity.

With more businesses enjoying the benefits of Office 365, Microsoft Office 365 consultants are being hired to migrate data from old storage platforms.

What are the Advantages of the Cloud?


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Increased collaboration

Since everyone shares the same data, team members are on the same page. Meetings are more productive and targeted.

Pro-active Decision-making

Having access to the most recent market changes keeps staff flexible and equipped in making wise and timely decisions.

Saves Time

Real-time reporting is a timesaver.

Data Integrity

It has a central repository of data integrity. Data redundancy is reduced.


Multiple-layer security ensures that data is kept safe.

Growing Popularity of Office 365

According to this year’s statistics from Gartner, Office 365 is the most widely used cloud service by user count. Around one in five corporate employees are using Office 365.

It is widely used in major industries like:

  • Education
  • Government
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate

If an institution is using an old platform like Lotus Notes, Dropbox, or Google Apps, there are Microsoft Office 365 consultants happy to assist with the migration.

Let us explore how some of these industries using Office 365.

Financial Services

The financial industry is usually the first to adopt new technology. Being heavy users of Microsoft Office applications like Excel, they would naturally progress to using Office 365.

With the industries’ exposure to sensitive data information, Office 365 ensures that it meets FISC and GDPR data protection requirements.

The primary advantage for financial institutions like banks, insurance, and investment companies is that Office 365 enables staff to service clients from any location in the world. Responsiveness results in customer satisfaction.

Office 365 also encourages learning. Under a collaborative environment, work experiences and training courses are easily shared.


There is a growing interest in using the cloud for healthcare. A virtual conference held last January 2019 discussed how health organizations could leverage technology.

Health professionals use Microsoft Office 365 to get real-time information on patients. On a global scale, specialists can work as a team to make more accurate decisions.

Immediate access to patient history (laboratory results, previous operations, and allergic reactions) is critical to making the right diagnosis.

Real Estate

The real estate industry needs updated information at all times.

Using Office 365, real estate professionals access property listings using any mobile device. While onsite with clients, they can continue communicating via emails and confirming appointments.

Listings can be added, edited, and uploaded in real-time. Contracts and necessary documents are shared and signed on-the-spot.


Office 365 has archiving solutions to backup supporting legal documents like emails, contacts, and calendar data. It has the advantage of quick-search capabilities using large filters. Archived data are retrieved quickly.


Schools need a large amount of storage to store student data. With Office 365, data is stored in the cloud for future reference.

Students can also write their papers wherever they are, as long as there is an internet connection.

Technology is progressing at a swift pace. Therefore, there is a need to update one’s IT strategy and keep up with the times.

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