Integrating Educational Content Into Games

Our species has been constantly working to find ways to make our actions more effective and simpler. In pursuit of that goal, we have been making innovations in every field with every passing day. One such field wherein technological innovations are making a noticeable impact is the educational industry. But there are certain aspects of it which defer the older generations against using games in the educational industry. Thus let us look at a few of the aspects of technology on how gaming and studies can be integrated so as to benefit learning.

User-friendly educational technology

This needs no major explanation as we all know how much the student groups love playing games. Thus, integrating study topics and chapters like thermodynamics into an electronic game will bring educational topics onto a platform most students are comfortable with.

Increasing dopamine levels

Computer games stimulate the brain to produce dopamine. Dopamine helps orient attention and encourages the creation of connections between neurons. These connections or synapses are the physical basis for learning.

Improving skills

In a study, 19 schools found that game-based learning improved student engagement. Teachers observed that the game-playing taught teamwork and life skills, including negotiation. When 3,500 students used an English language learning course that included digital games, 95% of teachers said the program helped improve student motivation.

Educational Apps

With mobile technology undergoing changes every few days, the capabilities it provides to the general population is quite fascinating. Things like worldwide accessibility to the internet and that too from such a small device size. This has enabled students to be able to learn any topic from anywhere. Students can play a game and learn their chapters be it at home or sitting in a car on their way home.

Real world skills

Thinking about the long run, for job-related scenarios which require good attention to detail, eye-hand coordination, quick decision-making, and an excellent working memory are where gamers have an advantage over those who do not play video games. An experiment was conducted on two groups of beginner surgeons wherein one group was trained using a video game to perform laparoscopic surgery while the other group was trained using conventional methods. The study confirmed that the surgeons who were trained using the video game method performed better at the surgery than the group who were taught with the conventional methods.

Thus, here we have discussed how games can help students to learn better. To know more about how technology can help students to learn better check out our Science Discussion Forum and to get a chance to experience new age content for learning, check out our YouTube channel –

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