Fascinating Technology For Law Enforcement

Whether you are for or against law enforcement in this country, it’s always good to know what capabilities technology has afforded the police.  It is helpful knowing what devices are available for our police officers to serve and protect.
It is also helpful if you’re on the wrong side of the law to better understand what’s coming for you.  You don’t want to find out about a new, super powered taser through hands-on experience. Here are a few of the most interesting technologically inclined devices for law enforcement this year.

The eye in the sky

Police can now monitor your behavior with an ariel advantage.  The eye in the sky is real, and law enforcement agencies around the country are now equipped with drones.  They use the drones for an array of law enforcement operations, including policing traffic.
You may think you have gotten away with driving recklessly the night before, but your judgement is soon to come.  Drones can detect if a driver is driving erratically, so don’t risk driving under the influence.  Areas where drones are being used are usually marked with signs, warning patrons not to mess around.


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Brain fingerprinting

Brain mapping serves the same purpose as fingerprinting, but on a whole new level.  Scientists can now map out a person’s brain waves, and use the information to determine someone’s guilt or innocence regarding a crime.
The brain scans are used to measure a person’s reaction to being questioned by the police, and confrontation of vital crime scene images.  It’s still in its infancy of development, but the potential of this technology is intimidating.

Handheld fingerprinting

The days of waiting until you get to the station to really find out who a suspect is are over.  Police now have the ability to equip their forces with handheld fingerprinting devices.
The small contraption will read your fingerprints in seconds, and pull up all the information the police department has on you.  The mobile ability limits the criminal’s ability to play off a fake persona.

Super Google glasses

Another reason not to speed down the highway is the Google Glass device.  Glasses worn by police officers can detect and record any traffic violation within sight.  The officer may not stop you, but your ticket may arrive in the mail.
The times of George Orwell’s book, 1984, are becoming more real every year.  Big Brother truly is watching you, and you better mind your Ps and Qs.

Gunshot detection systems

Some urban neighborhoods now have Gunshot Detection Systems (or GDS).  The scattered sensors placed strategically around a neighborhood that is high in gun crimes can immediately detect and analyze the sounds created when a weapon is discharged.

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