The Move To Stop All Of Those Nuisance Calls

People are now so fed up of receiving constant unwanted phone calls from telemarketers that there is a move to get the government to crack down on them. There is always something that is the trend when it comes to these phone calls and at the moment it still appears to be the PPI calls. We are not just talking about calls to personal home numbers or mobiles either. Businesses often suffer from unsolicited cold calling too. At my previous workplace you wouldn’t believe the amount of recruitment consultants who just called on the off-chance.

Take Action Yourself:

There are things that you can do to avoid receiving so many unwanted phone calls. It is almost impossible to stop them completely as there are too many dodgy companies who do not follow regulations out there, but hopefully in time these will be cracked down on. Consider speaking to your phone company if you are receiving lots of unwanted calls. Some operators offer services which could stop some of these calls getting through. You might also want to consider getting a call blocker. These are devices which attach to your phone and almost vet your calls to stop sales calls getting through. Help and advice in using these is available at You might also want to consider things like registering with the Telephone Preference Service and keeping an eye on forms that you fill in for opt out boxes.

Impacting People’s Lives:

The constant barrage of unsolicited phone calls these days means that people are subjected to them on a regular basis. Many people find them distressing and in some circumstances it can make vulnerable people feel bullied and upset. We should not have to put up with this, and there has been a lot of pressure placed on the government by organisations like Which to do something about the problem. Unfortunately, as things stand, it is difficult for the regulations to be enforced and the comebacks on the companies who constantly harass people with cold calls are not good enough

Things are looking Better:

Through people pressure it appears that the government has in the last month agreed to make a number of changes which will make it easier for Ofcom and the ICO to deal with problem companies. The criteria for being able to take action against companies has been changed from calls having caused ‘substantial distress’ to only having to cause annoyance. This means that it is always worth putting in a complaint about that annoying cold caller as the more people who take action the easier it will be to stop these calls.

People are entitled to feel safe and have privacy in their own work and home spaces. Unwanted callers should be a thing of the past.

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