3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Cloud-Based Asset Tracking Software

Adoption and integration of the cloud computing was handled with contempt when it first showed up in the tech scene. Many of the organizations were unsure of what the new work environment would mean for the traditional business. Even though it was evident that cloud computing would cause a significant disruption, very few knew that it would practically affect the established ways of doing business.

We”re in an era where being tech-savvy is no longer a luxury, but a priority for businesses and organizations. Organizations that still use antiquated asset tracking practices such as manually entering data in spreadsheets and using separate QR or barcodes readers to scan their inventory are not only less efficient, but also putting their business assets and data at risk.

Manual asset tracking or rather on-premise tracking leaves your organization prone to theft, data loss, natural disasters and a host of other concerns that could cost your business thousands of dollars. On the other hand, if you come to the cloud-based asset management, you can eliminate many of the issues that stem from using locally-installed asset tracking solutions, make asset management easy, and even save your organization thousands of dollars.

Below we look at the benefits of cloud based asset tracking solutions and some of the reasons why you should start using asset tracking software through the cloud.


Reliability is a crucial aspect when comes to running a business, particularly when you might need to access your data or information anytime. While not all the cloud-based asset management solutions offer solid uptime, even though they promise almost 100% of uninterrupted uptime, most of them have managed to achieve the gold standard of uptime-99.99%.

Even though the likes of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, achieved this standard as early as 2014, the smaller cloud vendors have managed to achieve this, meaning that interruptions are extremely rare. And if they do occur, some of the cloud asset solution providers have a unique and robust recovery system that restores the system back to normality within short time frames.

To round it up, if you Track assets with TrackAbout-a cloud-based tracking software, you enjoy a multitude of benefits that cannot be matched by those used on-premise.


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In the past, organizations were hesitant about the cloud-based management system because they were concerned about security breaches and hacking which was out of their control. However, the notion is facing harsh criticism from the cloud computing experts who argue that the cause of the security breaches is directly traced to human error or negligence and not the system.

By using the cloud systems, organization leaves the task of manning the system to the experts who are adequately versed with the system, meaning the occurrence of human error is reduced.


Ease of use and versatility of the cloud solution has been one of the key selling points of the cloud computing. Whether it”s changing workflows, introducing new assets, changing or deleting assets, the cloud solution is cut above any manual solution you can ever get.

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