Finding the Best Telecoms Package for Your Small Business

Whatever your business is, fast, effective communication is essential to its success and its growth, so you must have a reliable, user-friendly telecoms system for both your staff and your customers.

If you’re just starting out, or you think your telecoms could do with an overhaul, there’s a few things you need to think about before choosing a provider or package.

Identify your business needs

You need to identify what your business actually needs and what the consequences are if the system fails or there’s a bug.

Downtime is expensive time and you could lose more than just revenue due to your system being out of action – you could lose customers, so choose a package that meets your needs and offers fast, comprehensive help when things go wrong.

Ask yourself if your current provider is still meeting the needs you had when you first chose it. Is your system still good value for money? If you’re having doubts it might be time to shop around. Chances are if you’ve been using the same company for a while, you won’t be aware of all the new telecoms providers, like Woav, that have entered the marketplace in recent years.


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Find a tailor-made solution

A new telecoms system is a big undertaking and you need to make the transition easy for your employees as well as your customers. It may be the case that some employees will only need basic features on their phones while others need all the whistles and bells.

You should review how your employees use the system before talking to the provider, who will be able to work up the best solution for you.

Decent telecoms providers can give you a bespoke package, including phone lines, low call rates, business broadband and call services like forwarding, diverting and so on, as well as the latest tech options available.

Reducing your communication costs

When you review your system, you might find some equipment or services that aren’t being used anymore, due to becoming out-dated, or even due to breaking and not being noticed! You may find when you change provider, you save money by not asking for these obsolete features this time round. Alternatively, you may be paying the original rates for tech that was new and expensive once, but now is seen as commonplace and cheaper.

If you opt for a hosted phone system, you’ll find this works really well in a business environment because it is “held” offsite in a data centre or cloud, rather than on your business premises. This makes it a lot easier for maintenance and repairs to be done when needed and you only need to by the physical equipment like handsets. You may actually not need to buy these yourself with some larger packages.

The calls made on such a system happen over an internet connection to your chosen network. They’re routed over to the regular phone network, as well as to any mobile devices, and you as a company monitor and manage your system via a mobile app or a web-based interface.

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