Panda Update: Cutts looking for quality content

Matt Cutts, head of search spam constantly keeps a strict vigil regarding the authencity of the sites and their functioning. Recently, there was the news where there has been a changed algorithm and as per the new change, the Panda algorithm is going to be updated on monthly basis regularly. What’s interesting about the update is that it will more or less long last for days together.

The integration of Panda into Google indexing

It can be understood with the help of an example. Like in case Google has run the update on a specific date, say on 6th of the month. Due to the changed Panda Algorithm, its impact is going to lengthen for another 9-10 days.  Since, it is going to be a monthly affair; hence this is going to be the exercise every month.

The news gains significance especially when few months back in March, Google made the announcement there won’t be an announcement of Panda update from there on, owing to the fact that it is termed to be more of a rolling update. Through this exercise, the actual Panda update is pushed over 10 days or so. This was the exercise where Panda integrated into normal indexing.

The impact of this changed algorithm

This is the step which is indeed going to prove to be transparent especially with regards to adjudging “quality sites” with that of others. Hence, the “substandard” or “low quality sites” are surely going to feel the heat as they will at once come into the notice.

It is to be noted that Panda algorithm was launched in 2011 and the sole purpose of the same was to make sure that quality sites do not suffer in any way.

Hence, then there has been various improvements with regards to Panda especially when it comes to indexing a well as ranking systems. The sites which provide fresh, high quality and regular content will naturally be up in the search engines. On the other hand, sites which are indulging in duplicate or outdated content will obviously be seeing their doors of exit. Since, they will slowly go down and down until you can’t find them on the search engine pages any more.

What Matt Cutts expects?

In the picture you see blog owners are quite concerned since Matt is having a close watch on their blogs content. Since, he expects each and every blogger to minutely and closely look after their blogs in terms of indulging in SEO along with carrying out the site audits well.

Matt Cutts expects every webmaster to replace the low quality or substandard content with that of a quality one which should at once gives reasons for the customers to be attracted. The content should equally be engaging, informative and useful to the readers. Since, this is the step which Google expects from every one in order to progress like never before. Transparency is the need of hour and this is the step to ensure the same as well. Isn’t it?

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