An insight on the bloggers supporting brands

Don’t we see celebrities endorsing a certain brand? Yes, we do and it won’t be wrong to say that bloggers are at par with them when it comes to popularizing a brand. Since, like celebrities whose choice has the greatest possible influence on the minds of their fans across the globe, the same goes for bloggers whose decision has a long-lasting effect on the minds of their readers.

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If bloggers are known for their writing skills, celebrities equally carve a niche for themselves with their acting and this is where their strength lies thanks to their rising popularity graph. Hence, bigger the love, affection and warmth they generate in the process, bigger their responsibility becomes as well.

Bloggers go for the reputed brand towards showcasing its utility

Bloggers realizing their duty, opts for the brand which they find reputable in reality and accordingly write on them. Their precision and choice is based on primarily the utility of the product. After all, the awesome figure of 71% of bloggers supporting the same is the live proof as well. Since, they don’t let companies create a forced influence over themselves by either paying so-called “under table money” or gifting them with products as a token of appreciation for writing about their products or services.

Bloggers have a tremendous responsibility towards sticking with the best

The onus of proper selection totally rests on bloggers whose thoughts tend to prevail over the hearts and minds of people. Isn’t it? Since, bloggers vouch for the products which are going to give comfort and luxury to their readers. The review further cements the base of their loyal readers who will get one more reason to follow on their advice. Isn’t it?

Reviews have an important role to play in an online world

After all in an online world, a big percentage of people dearly wait for reviews towards knowing about the product and this exercise becomes the primary reason for them in purchasing a certain product over others. Hence, it can be emphatically said that bloggers tend to create a sky-high influence over others as their judgment eventually becomes the decision of the masses.

There is another side to the rest of bloggers

Although, a high percentage of 71% of bloggers are justifying their service and role, yet there are few who certainly don’t fit in them. Since, the rest 29% misrepresent the things due to their vested interests and they can stoop down to the lowest level by writing ill things about your product. They will do such an exercise even without going for any consultations with you. Hence, their negative reviews do more harm than any good to the reputation of your brand.

Final thoughts

Over all, like every where, there are good natured people and bad ones and blogging field is no exception as well. The good thing is that the percent of bloggers who are sticking to their professional etiquettes surpass way more over others and this is the reason why bloggers are respected and honored worldwide. Isn’t it?

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