Ways to Kill Time With Technology if You Work in Aviation

Flight is one of those things that is so romantic to think about. It’s the reason that so many people go through the intense regulations to get qualified to work in aviation. When you’re trying to select a career, you think about the things that you love. If travel and seeing the world are on that list, it only feels natural to go towards the direction of being an aviation professional.

For people who have done the aviation thing for long enough and the novelty of it has worn off, it just becomes a lot of long hours and monotonous tasks that are as far away from romantic as you can get. Once you’ve gone through the checklist and you’re stuck in the cockpit making conversation with your copilot or you’re in between rounds serving people in the aircraft, you start running out of things to do to kill the time.

Although you might not be able to kill time with technology while you’re in flight, there sure is a lot of dead time in between. Here are ways to use technology to kill time if you work in aviation:


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Do Some Online Shopping

If you’re sitting in the airport, or you’re stuck in translation in someplace foreign where you don’t speak the language and you can do little else but keep to yourself and watch the minutes tick by, you can always use the time and your technology to do some online shopping.

You could get things that pertain to your career, or you could look around for a new pair of shoes to hit the town in during your next layover. Whatever you end up buying, or even if you just window shop from the screen of your handheld device, you’ll find that the minutes fly by when you’re browsing the catalogues of online retailers.

Feel the Beat

No matter what you’re doing in life, music always makes things better, but especially when you have a job where there is a lot of time spent getting from one place to another. When you’re on your way to the airport to clock in for work, you can bump the tunes in your car, but what happens when you clock on and you’re still stuck waiting for doors to open and passengers to board?

If you’re cleaning the aircraft after a long flight, if you’re in the cockpit and tired of talking with your copilot, or if you’re a janitor at the airport, to kill time, you’re going to want to get yourself a sick contraption to listen to music on.

It could be some nice bluetooth headphones, it could be a portable speaker, but whatever it is, make sure it sounds good and has a battery that lasts the long hours, because you’re going to need that beat to keep you and your energy bumping.

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