How To Make Your Business Stand Out At Industry Events

Participation in trade events and marketing fairs can be part of a business’ marketing strategy. In these fairs, consumers and clients visit to check the current suppliers for the products they need. However, these fairs also feature hundreds of businesses that offer products similar to yours. It can be very difficult to stand out from the rest and be noticed by your target customers. Here are some tips on how you can catch their attention:

Call-To-Action Banners

Most probably, your booth will just be one of the hundreds of booths and presenters participating in the event. One way of making the consumers notice your booth is to sport a big and catch call-to-action banner. It has to contain a clear call-to-action, preferably a short tag line that will inspire them to do something, and in doing so, be motivated to approach your booth and inquire. These can be in the form of banners, standees, or point of purchase displays. They should reflect the company or the business’ logo and color theme, for maximum brand recall.

Live Tweet And Check-In

There are a variety of social apps that allow users to tweet and check-in at particular events or places. Make use of these social apps to reach a wider audience and generate more buzz about the product. For example, you can live tweet about the events happening in the trade fair. Create and use your own hashtag to generate brand recognition.


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For people visiting your booth, encourage them to tweet or use your hashtag when tweeting and offer a token for doing so. The token must be something that is also related to your business. For maximum impact, put the hashtag on a banner so that many people will be able to see it.

Social Media Apps

Nowadays, most businesses have social media presence that enables them to keep in touch with their customer base. When attending trade fairs and events, let the people know of your online presence. Offer to follow them back if they follow the business account. For online followers, make a “shoutout” for them to visit the booth if they are in the area and receive tokens for doing so. A company with a social media profile is perceived as a hip and trendy company, which in turn will attract the younger socially-mobile generation.

Make It Interactive

To catch the attention of the event-goers to your booth, have something interactive to do there. It can be a photo booth with free prints for the people having their picture taken. These prints can sport the logo of your business, your contact information, and website. The picture functions as a calling card. You can also feature a game that can be indirectly related to your business. For a cleaning business, you can place a big hoop or trash can and have the visitors shoot a big balled-newspaper inside. Every successful throw will entitle the shooter to a prize, a token, or even a gift card. Make the game interesting and related to your business so they will be able to remember it after they have gone home.

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