5 Ways To Gain Truly Loyal Clients

Are you wondering how to persuade your clients to visit you regularly and with increased frequency? And to recommend your services to their friends?

There is a straightforward way to achieve this. All it takes is to focus on building relationships with your clients rather than stick to direct sales. In today’s world, your clients want to feel unique and important to you. By answering their needs, you will gain real partners and loyal clients.

1. Do not sell

Do not sell – instead, provide advice. Your clients won’t be willing to buy if they are not absolutely sure of your good intentions and on whether you are offering them a product they really need. Do not concentrate on providing matter-of-fact recommendations of products, but instead invest in building relationships and trust with your clients. Spend more time on listening about their problems and expectations, rather than on discussing the benefits of the product itself. As often as not, clients will tell you what they are looking for themselves. Your role is limited to giving professional advice – you are the expert, after all – and suggesting which product is the one they are looking for.

2. Invest in partner relations

Consider your clients your business partners. When all is said and done, your clients are the ones who will provide you with the most valuable information about market trends, changes and consumer expectations. If the situation allows, make sure to converse, ask questions, listen carefully and analyse. Based on this information, strive to improve your services portfolio and introduce new products – develop your salon by simply meeting your clients’ ongoing needs. Pay even more attention to criticism and suggestions. This will allow you to correct any shortcomings, and verify the work performed by your team. Remember that your clients are your partners who help you to develop your company.


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3. Get to know your client

The key to building partner relations is your knowledge of your clients and their expectations. And this is not information which is required for the provision of professional service – unlike the customer’s treatment history or favourite hair dye colour – as this is already a market standard. You need to go one step further. Make a note of small, personal information which will enable you to establish a friendly bond between you. Consider how your client will feel when you ask her whether she enjoyed her holiday in Greece or whether her husband has finally bought his dream motorcycle. Use electronic client records to collect valuable data on the client”s past treatments, preferences and shopping habits, date of birth, their children’s names or even hobbies. This knowledge will allow you to perform additional treatments, successfully recommend products and, first and foremost, build client trust.

4. Send invitations

Be in constant contact with your clients. Don’t wait until your clients decide to visit your establishment – invite them instead. Don’t allow them to forget about you. Make sure to inform them about new services and products you offer – the ones which match their individual expectations and taste. Share your knowledge with your clients, send them birthday wishes, invite them to events or simply remind them of upcoming visits or the need to repeat the last procedure. In this way, you are sure to strengthen your brand image and emphasize your customer care.

Do not hesitate to send text messages and emails in order to be in constant contact with the clients. Use tools to help you organise your client communication better. Make sure that the messages you send are to the point, useful, effective, and adapted to the needs of their recipients.

5. Adopt a long-term approach

Don’t think about the sale at hand and straightforward profit. Instead, focus on building lasting relations with your clients. Undoubtedly, it is a much longer and more demanding process. However, in the long run, this approach will provide you with a large group of faithful consumers who will not only buy more and more frequently, but also actively recommend your salon and – which should also be kept in mind – forgive any potential shortcomings.

If you want to develop your business venture, the goal is to build an image of a company which you can trust. Such an approach will surely bring about the expected results.

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