Top 3 Reasons You Should Have a Custom Printed Newsletter

Newsletters are highly popular communications tools used by all sized businesses to engage customers, build rapport and provide useful content. Nowadays, online newsletters are understandably more popular, after all, they are less expensive and let you keep track of subscribers.

However, printed documents offer various advantages, which are often overlooked. A printed newsletter is more likely to have a longer lifespan; they build a good business reputation and engage customers. Is print old-fashioned? Not at all! They are still being read and there are many customizable options for you to make them memorable. If you want to browse around for some ideas, take a look at this online printer and shock your audience with an unexpected format.

Here is what custom printed newsletters can do for your marketing efforts:


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1. Create Legitimacy and Trust

Printed newsletters stick in the minds of your audience; hence, enhancing brand awareness. You can customize your own newsletters by using a template or start one from scratch. It is important to take the time to choose a reliable printer though. So here is a trusted provider you can order professional-looking newsletters from.

Printed newsletters create a sense of surprise due to their rare occurrence. Receiving a high-quality printed piece by mail shows the sender is committed to the cause. Brands should inspire trust and confidence, which is exactly what tangible newsletters can help you with. Plus, standing out among your competitors doesn’t hurt..

2. Ensure a Pleasant Reading Experience

Unlike online documents, printing allows you to have total control over the look and feel of your material without worrying about tech issues. Whenever your customers open e-newsletters, they can easily be distracted by ads or pop-up windows. You won’t have to worry about such distractions with a compelling print piece.

Additionally, according to Rasmussen Reports, 75 percent of Americans still prefer paper books over e-books. Wouldn’t it be worth the try?

3. Show Commitment and Engage the Audience

If you design a stylish newsletter, it shows you strive to deliver the impeccable product your customers deserve. Even though electronic documents are a click away, print projects are commonly perceived as more focused on a specific group of people. Handling a material to your customer’s hands creates a more personal approach and helps building customer loyalty.

Even if there is not a formula for successful distribution, experts recommend to deliver these printed publications every two or three months. You can do it in partnership with local shops and businesses for greater reach and effectiveness.

Investing in a well-designed printed newsletter will increase your brand awareness and help you keep in touch with your suppliers and customers. Personalize your marketing tools by developing user-driven content, creating a clean design and portraying your brand identity without spending big bucks. Print newsletters are definitely a must-have in today’s busy environments.

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