Ransomware Attacks & Easy Ways to Protect Against the Real Threat of Ransomware

Ransomware is a noxious software or code used by hackers to launch data threat and lock computer screen. It infects your device and displays messages demanding money to be paid so that your system to work once again. The primary motive for these attacks is monetary. Victim”s system screen is showing all the instructions to unlock the device. Such malware usually enters the system through a vulnerable network or downloaded file. Even worst, sometimes ransomware modifies the master boot record, not allowing the operating system to start at all until it is repaired. In this post, we are going to discuss causes of data loss by ransomware and also how to prevent computers from such threats.

The “Cyber” criminal will send the malicious links through IM messages, emails, or websites. This ransomware attack will changes victim”s login credentials and start encrypting all the files available on infected system and all network connected devices. To unlock the computer, the hacker will always demand the money in “bitcoins”, while protecting his/her identity. In this post, we are going to discuss causes of data loss by ransomware and Ransomware Data Recovery.

In this ransomware attack, the victim gets a pop-up message or some email with a notice that if the payment is not paid by a given date, then the private key required to open the computer or to decrypt the files will be destroyed. In the wake of being educated about unlicensed apps or illicit files has been found on his PC, the victim is given directions by the malware backend to pay the money in “bitcoins”. One of the clearest signs of ransomware attack is the boot screen of the operating system, which prevent the user from using the computer. If you encounter any such screen like that, you are likely a victim of lock screen ransomware. Or if you find any files with .locky, .WCRY, .Wallet etc. file extensions that means your files are infected with ransomware virus. If your computer is infected with any ransomware attack then the cyber-criminal will leave instructions and demand money to unlock the computer. But do always remember that you are dealing with criminals, so there is no guarantee whether you will get all your files back after paying ransom amount.


Preventive Measures

Moving onto ransomware data recovery, computer users should make sure their firewalls are always ON. They should also avoid questionable websites and be alert when opening any suspicious email messages in their mailbox. Computer users must choose a proven antivirus software from a well-known company that can help to protect your devices from any latest ransomware threats and attacks.

To protect against ransomware malware attacks and other kinds of cyber-attacks, users should backup computing devices on a regular basis and update their antivirus software. It is highly recommended not to open any emails or email attachments from unknown senders, and in case if your computer has been affected by this malware, please refrain yourself paying the ransom amount. While it is also possible that hacker may not decrypt your device after getting the payment.

How To Remove Ransomware?

While stopping the ransomware attacks may be nearly impossible, there exist some critical ransomware data recovery measures which individuals and organizations can take to ensure that the damage caused is minimal and recovery is as quick as possible. Such strategies include division of authentication systems and domains discretely, enforcing hard limits on who can access data at any time and when access is to be permitted.

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