How to Manage Your Budget as a Frugal Gamer

The video game industry clearly knows how to push our buttons. It compels us to make exorbitant console and title purchases.

This can quickly become an extremely pricey way to unwind after a stressful day at work or school. You may have trouble managing your money, especially if you get caught up in the buzz of upcoming releases and new accessories.

Protect your wallet and get the most enjoyment out of your games by incorporating these frugal gaming tips.

1. Timing

Many financially savvy gamers will wait on purchasing the latest hits, and choose to play slightly older titles when they go on sale. Getting caught in the hype of a new game release can be a costly pastime, since you’ll most likely pay full retail price during the launch.

Sure, it can be hard to wait, especially if you’ve been anticipating a game release for months on end. Most new hits won’t go on sale until they’ve been on the market for a few months. Keep an eye on used game resellers and online promos so you can jump on sales as soon as they’re announced.

2. Investigate DLCs

Before you make a significant game title purchase, check to see what the total cost will be, including downloadable content, or DLCs. Some game distributors capitalize on additional content, such as weapons upgrades, extra scenes, character customization, and add-ons that cost gamers extra money after the initial outlay.

Make sure you grasp the full cost of the features you’d like to include with the game before you commit to a purchase. DLCs can add up, incrementally but significantly, and cause you to end up spending far more on a game than you originally intended.

3. Digital distribution sales

Online gaming distributors such as Steam, Desura, and Playism will often showcase title deals that cannot be matched elsewhere. Gamers will watch for the Steam Summer Sales with anticipation and fear for their bank accounts.

Additionally, the Humble Bundle allows PC and Mac users to “pay what you want” for collections of popular game titles. These bundles can give you increased exposure to games you normally wouldn’t play, and you’ll save a significant amount of money by purchasing titles as a collection, rather than individually.

Keep an eye on the digital game distribution websites to catch the hottest sales.

4. Hardware considerations

Gamers can tighten their budgets by making their hardware last as long as possible. If you’re a PC or Mac gamer, keep your computers in good working condition with dust canisters and regular data backups.

If you’re planning to purchase a new console, then study price comparisons and take the manufacturers’ warranties into consideration. You’ll want to invest in a console that meets your needs and will last through hundreds of hours of gaming.

Read your owner’s manual thoroughly to avoid console damage, and address troubleshooting issues through the proper warranty channels.

Gaming can be a pricey pastime, buy you can reduce the costs by keeping an eye on the latest title, console, and accessories deals. Be patient and watch for recent releases to go on sale. Many people even start a savings or checking account for their gaming

Taking care of your gaming rigs will ensure that you’ll have to replace less hardware down the road.

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