Connections Matter: How Modern Food Chains are Connecting With Customers

The world has gotten a lot smaller, thanks to technology. The innovation, upgrades, and updates make it so much easier to connect. These days, all kinds of businesses are using mobile apps to connect with their customers and establish lasting relationships with them. But how do you set your business apart?

Modern food chains are establishing better connections with customers thanks to their use of mobile apps.


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Better connections with customers will not only set your business apart, but they also attract new customers. Connections matter, so satisfied customers will tell friends and those friends will tell their friends. Suddenly, the dining room is full of people. There’s a seating waitlist, and people keep coming back.

As a customer, there’s nothing better than realizing you’ve got a coupon, discount, or reward to use at your favorite food chain… especially when you have a hankering for one of their dishes. With limited space on your iPhone or preferred mobile device (here’s looking at you, Android) it’s hard to download the app of every restaurant you like to frequent. This guide makes it easier to find all the ways you can connect with your favorite restaurant chain.

Besides, that way you can decide which apps are worthy of your precious storage space. If only someone would come up with a phone upgrade offering more storage space for free. And on the topic of “free”, these food chains’ apps are typically free.

There’s a lot of information customers want to know, especially about the things they’re putting in their bodies. Everything you want to know about a restaurant, you can find in their app. From allergy alerts to full menus, and loyalty perks to online ordering, no tidbit of info gets lost in the cracks.

Apps marry all kinds of different functions in your mobile device. Some of them work with your phone’s map system or GPS to find the nearest location of the food chain you’re looking for. Others use memory to store your past orders, so you can streamline getting a bite to eat. Others still have cool functions, like allowing you to earn Plenti points every time you dine.

Don’t think this only applies to fast food, either. Other types of modern food chains are jumping on the app bandwagon, making dining there a more appealing endeavor. Buffalo Wild Wings, Chilis, and Texas Roadhouse are on the list. Jump the waitlist, pay for your bills online, or even locate the nearest location to you. If that’s not convenient, what is?

Modern food chains are establishing better connections with customers, thanks to their use of mobile apps.

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